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How feminism would ruin your sex life

Violent AcresToday I’m going to tell the men a little secret about women.

Are you listening, men? Come a little closer…a little closer. Shhhhhh, we’ve got to keep our voices down so the feminists don’t hear….

You know that stuff you’ve been reading in the girly magazines that tell you that women like to be romanced with candlelit dinners before you gently (gently!) make love to them by first giving them hours of oral pleasure and then softly (oh so softly!) penetrating them while staring lovingly into their eyes…always making absolutely sure that they reach orgasm first?

Well, it’s all bunk.

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  1. Hey, I just want to say that I have been fighting my instincts for a very long time. I was married to one of these so called feminist's, and she was excatly as described here on this board. I hated it. I am a man, and in the bedroom, I want to have sex like a man, not a little wussy. I would often get acused of raping my ex-wife, Yeah, "My wife"When I am in the bedroom with my woman, I want to "Fuck her", not play shoot's and Ladder's.I want to tell her what a dirty little slut she is, as I stick my cock in her mouth, and cum. I do not want to ask for permission to do these things, It is against my animalistic instincts.I wish more woman would open up, and tell men to be men, and stop acting like a woman in the bedroom. You ladies out there would have a much more fulfilling sex life with your man if you said "Hey, I am yours, Do what ever you want to do,Make me beg for more of that cock" I may be sounding a bit like an asshole,Well then I guess i am. I recently met my now incredible girlfriend.And so far, I have been confused as to what or how I should act when we have sex. I know what I would like to do, but I was conditioned to think like the type of men you described in the first article. The other night, she told me exactly what she wanted, and I have to admit, I was blown away. She actually wants me to be a man, she told me I could do what ever I wanted to,and that she did not like me asking for permission. She said I just want you to do it.Finally a real woman still exsists in the world.This re-opened my eye's.I have a very agressive side to me as far as sex goes, and I want to be agressive, It is my nature, and guy's, I got to tell you, there are still woman out there who like it rough, you just have to find the right one. She loves to suck my cock, and she is the first one who said "I wantyou to cum in my mouth, and fuck me in the ass. I Fucking love it. I truely believe that Romance is good, and it does have it's place, but there is nothing better than grabbing a handfull of your woman's hair, and bend her over, and Fuck the hell out of her.Now in closing, I would like to say that you both need to have the understanding that it is what you both want. In the bedroom though "Be a Man"

  2. Eh, we can generalize till the cows come home. You're not going to reach any good conclusions no matter who does it, one way or another. Some women prefer to be dominated, some women don't. Men: just ask, for gods sake. And keep asking. People's sexual tastes change over time just like anything else, especially if you've been in a relationship for a while. In the beginning, maybe she liked it rough, wanted it in public phone booths, or on the kitchen floor. Maybe now, the novelty has worn off, and she prefers a little romance. Or vice versa. I think the key to good sex is always enthusiasm, no matter which way you have it.

  3. Girly magazines are all full of shit and the last thing that any feminist would read. "Oh yes - this season I MUST wear purple - Cosmo said so!", sex tips to turn on your man (as if I needed that!). "Look at our model on the front - her waist is thinner then her neck - so you should all strive to be like her!", "by the way, high heels are sexy and totally not a way to screw you up!", "let's all go out and buy this bag!".

    Any self respecting feminist can see these "girly magazines" are not empowering women, but making them weak. I don't buy them, nor will I ever buy them.


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