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Circassian language course

Are you interested in learning Circassian language ?
Here is the deal

Bzhedugh dialect - Fundamentals
Topics to be covered
1-) Words used in daily life, weekdays, months
2-) Grammars - basics

Period: Two months - 90 minute sessions - 2 lessons a week
Cost: 20 JD per month
Place: Al-bayader

If you are interested write to
don't forget to include your name, phone number and best time to call


  1. Isn't there a course for Circassian dance??

  2. Nice :) and if someone needs adiga dancing courses, im ready :p

  3. ream! culture is better than dancing :P

  4. Jano, I'm Interested!
    Prefer to say! well Circassian dance actually conveys their culture! Where would I use the language anyway!!

  5. Reem,
    You have coach now! cool

    Are you sure? if you think you can do it for real, let me know.

    Both are cultural

    We don't know yet, could be in days/weeks or months, at this phase we are just checking who might be interested, age range etc..

  6. i did that before, i taught some girls to and they loved it.. but if you or reem really want to, i guess im ready, tho i didnt mean it before but i do now :) so arrange it guys and tell me :)
    btw, reem are circassian?

  7. is there a big deference in language between circassians and chechens?
    is it right that circassians are more classy than chechens?

  8. No Jano, I'm not circassian!! But I love your dance,,, to the pieces! I would love to learn.. contact me if you would like to arrange sth!

  9. Sara : both chechens and circassians lives in the same area in south russia .... but the two languages are far away from each other .

    about the classy ! every nation has its classy and unclassy people :)

  10. Reem and Jad inshallah soon..

    Zaid, well done :)

  11. I want to attend the classes!!!!!!!!!!

  12. i'm interested in circassian dancing too anyway plz tell me if you're still on with this thing or if u already started..

  13. That is great.I wonder if there is the same course but using the Abzagh dialect

  14. To be honest the circassian culture is very very nice. I didnt have the chance to learn the language or how to dance, but i wish.

  15. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am very interested in purchasing your adighe/circassian langauage learning CD or software and would like to know more about your product.

    Thank you!

    Best regards,


  16. circassian dictionary

    Thank you!


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