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Weight control and work

It's really hard to control your weight especially if you spend most of your time in office so junk food is the word, people who knows me may say you are not that fat and you don't have to worry but no actually I'm overweighted 85KG for 176CM wont shape good.

It's not easy to lose weight if you are a computer geek with a passion for food, you spend all the day next to your computer and if you want to be social you go out with friends with your laptops and start a geeky social meetup.

recently I bought Total gym, yes I got total gym at home but it's not helping not because it's bad but because I don't have the discipline to exercise, Shall I try bicycle ? or is it over and I got the coach-potato certificate ?

Another guy from PayPerPost sharing his story about balancing work and going to gym and he's looking for some magic advise but does anyone have it ?

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