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utube or youtube?

Some people are lucky since they born DownloadSquad - Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment is getting mighty angry these days with all the hype over Google acquiring YouTube. Why, you ask? Well, Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment's web site is at, and it seems that they get hit with over 2 million people each month now, mistyping YouTube's URL. So what else comes with the increase from 1500 users a month to 2 million? Crashed servers, and calls from the police about child porn on their web site! Wow! This must be coming as a shock to the Ohio equipment company. Anyway, the lawsuit is asking YouTube to stop using the domain name, or pay Universals re-branding. As if Google is going to give that domain up. I could see Google just buying Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment to get the domain, and all of the traffic they're missing out on! Then they could develop some extra strong, high speed data pipe roll things for networks to search Google or something.

Those utube guys will definitely get money just because they are lucky!

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