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Sorry my friends

In the last week I have successfully established new friendship with some guys and gals around the world and that was because I tried almost every social network that exists on the net namely myspace, and facebook.

all of my new friends were eager to know more about me and about my country, yes they are geographically uneducated people so I was thinking about the best photo I can take so I can introduce them to myself and to my city Amman, I have had a hard time finding the proper way to show them the maximum of what I can afford to let them know how good my city is and how good its municipality.

I know, We have plenty of gorgeous place in Amman but what I had in mind was different, I wanted to show them where I live, my way to my office and where I enjoy walking with my friends so I jumped onto the street to take photo of where I live! brilliant idea isn't it ?

First I jumped onto the way from home to office, that I walk in everyday but found it hard to share such photo with a friend
Why do we pay taxes?
Why do we pay taxes?
Why do we pay taxes?
Why do we pay taxes?

Then I thought Jara market street where I enjoy walking even if it's not Friday but sharing such photo wasn't as easy it it sounded first
Jara market street

But all of that doesn't mean I cannot share my place street with them at least it's the place where I live and I pay taxes to have it cleaned at least weekly but Ohhh shit it look like this

Why do we pay taxes?

Mind helping ?

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  1. Why be this negative Jad?Amman is ,regardless of all the pictures you have posted,a very clean city.It's true that I have noticed a decline in its cleanliness level throught the last few months,but it is still a clean place to live.This is not because of the devotion of its citizens,rather due to the army of cleaners the municiplaity has.One has to give credit where credit is due,they have a huge man power and machinery working day and night.Compare Amman,even the east (underpriviledged so to speak) parts of it,to Damascus,Beirut,Doha,Dubai,and most other nearby cities.Amman is by far the cleanest.Could be better..but people have to join in the efforts too.Sorry for the long comment,but this is one issue where I feel we as people are to be blamed much more than the government.NOW,grab your camera and go find yourself something nice to capture..

  2. jad

    we have a lovely country,all countries have their share of filth in the streets,compared to others jordan is great

    ?? ???? ???? ??????

    if u really need a great site for pictures about Jordan,visit mansour el moasher site ,,great pics of petra,dead sea, Aqaba, Amman and everything you need

    i have this linked on my blog in case anyone wanted to know more about Jordan.

  3. I have a friend who has a folder of pictures for amman?¢‚Ǩ¬¶
    Enshallah i?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ll post it soon?¢‚Ǩ¬¶
    Jad, forget about cauotic people, bs Amman is a beautiful city. & honestly Ammani people do abuse their beautiful city?¢‚Ǩ¬¶

    the meaningless screws in the pavement in your first picture, what is the reason for them to be there? :| And that big rock right on the pavement blocking the way, why is it there? Unless some body dropped it by mistake and didn't notice due to it's very small size! :-s

  4. Salam,
    I'm not being negative I just tried to take photo of the three places that I really enjoy so it's either I go to dirty place LoL or someone isn't doing his job

    I already big collection of the coolest places in Amman and I have visited almost every inch in Jordan; My point was SOMEONE IS NOT DOING HIS JOB

    The screw and the big stone are municipality's mistake nobody left them there but the lazy municipality employees

  5. I must say to my beloved sister,Queen Nic.congratulation
    Really this is a great opportunity Allah has given you.
    don't forget one thing you must be grateful for Allah that is what i wanted to say.
    My respected sister you should keep in your mind the following points:
    1.the people will ask you lot of questions for your reconvertion to Islam.answer them in a way of mutual respect.
    2.the good charactar is the faith of our religion.
    3.the knowledge is a light.
    4.the people will talk but be patient.
    5.Allah wants the good deeds and clean heart.Allah bless you sister Queen thanks lot.


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