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Rumsfeld resignation summarized in Mac OSX screenshot


Via BoingBoing

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  1. You kindof forget to take one important fact into account. It was al-qaeda that killed 3000 americans AND it was al-qaeda killing 60.000 iraqis. (not 750.000 you ridiculise even the boldest claims, was it from "the lancet" ? you might want to read some of their frontpages before you start believing everything they say)

    I keep forgetting ... is al qaeda killing sunni's because al qaedi is shiite or is it the reverse ?

    Okay america probably killed way to many iraqis. But they were trying to kill less. None at all if possible. Al-qaeda was trying to kill more.

    This is not about white vs -euhm- arab ? What color are iraqis ? And if you don't believe that, you can take solace in that almost 3000 american soldiers have died in iraq too.

    And there is hope :

    Lots of hope. But why do al-qaeda "insurgents" (who come from marocco or even further) have to kill everybody ? Why does Iran have to cause mass casualties ? Does it help them ? If the fighting was to stop right now, Iraq would emerge a growing economy, where the different people are in the government and have a chance to live in peace.

    Or do you think anyone was better of with saddam ? Why don't you ask some kurds or shiites.

  2. You forget one very obvious fact. It was al-qaeda killing 3000 americans, yes. However it was ALSO al-qaeda killing a good part of those 60.000 iraqi's.

    Al-qaeda was (and is) trying to kill more people. America is trying to kill less, to create the circumstances that will allow the people there to live without 10.000 of them being brutally slaughtered by some maniac like saddam hussein did to the kurds.

    America lost almost 3000 men in that attempt to create peace. To help the iraqi people. Everybody was helping the americans kill more iraqi's. Iran is cheering the killing of of saddam, but is providing the weapons that kill hundreds of sunni's everyday. Same story with saud arabia. Their happy to see saddam killed, but helping to keep people alive is too much to ask.

    America is trying to save people. They are trying to save the very people that are killing them. At least admire them for that.

    If you don't perhaps you can take some sick solace in the fact that 3000 americans have been slaughtered. 3000 families are left without a father or mother.

    America is not your enemy. Iran is killing you, and so is Arabia. Perhaps it's time for you to face up to the simple fact that every kurd already knows for dozens of years : muslims are killing iraqi's. Iranian mullahs and Arab imams.

    (sorry I pasted this comment on the wrong question)

  3. There's hope, even a little bit :


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