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Finding web hosting provider

Couple of days ago Nimer and I were talking about hosting providers as he is looking for a reliable hosting provider for his new web site which eventually might become the family web site.

Couple of months ago I had to shutt it down my dedicated server and moved to Dreamhost, it wasn't easy decision at all but I was in a situation where I don't need the luxury of dedicated server anymore and it was good idea to save more money :D However, Couple of days ago I also had to move from dreamhost to Yahoo! hosting because I noticed that my blog is getting more traffic and the server I was on with dreamhost wasn't able to make my readers nor me satisfied with its speed, all of this wasn't pleasant experience at all so lets break things down to make your choice of a web hosting company or moving from your current hosting to new one pleasant or at least with the minimum damage.

First you should be aware that finding a good and reliable hosting provider is not an easy task but lets break things down to make it easier, First you should ask yourself What do I need?
Are you after the big fat storage ? Do you think you will use that storage ? What kind of programming tools does your application need to run ? Does it have to be dedicated or shared ones would be fine?

See what we have now ? We have few questions answering them would make your life easier but lets assume that you already have answered the questions, what would be next? next is to check a web hosting directory like find a host, these people will make your life easier

You have done in your requirement research now all you need is a directory that categories companies for you by need , lets say you need a PHP hosting because your application requires that programming tool or if your believe that your project will require more than just shared hosting but less than dedicated you will find list of fine companies under the virtual private servers listing and so on..

Find web host guys are doing good job, they are listing companies they that know about plus companies that advertise with Google Adwords, so you have more in the list, you can give them a try if you need to find a web hosting provider now

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