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Fastlink Karting Championship

Sounds interesting, I'm going to watch it, what do you think dude?

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  1. Damn!!!! Indoor karting in Jordan? That's awesome! I would compete if I were there and I probably would win one of those three phones too being the speed maniac I am.

    I did this track at a work event once and I got 2nd best lap time after a guy who has been to that track many times before (it was my first time). I did 36.931 seconds, he did 36.755 (I'm looking at the print out sheet which I still have :D). My average lap time was 38.299 which put me in first position, and the best lap time for the day was 35.811 by someone who wasn't part of the event. He must have been alone on the track, I had 7 other cars on the track and I eventually had to start passing them.

    It's a lot of fun and I'm sure this place in Amman will have print outs of stats after each race too which makes it a lot more exciting and leaves you wanting more after each round.

    I'm definitely gonna go check this place out when I'm in Amman.

    Excited :D

  2. Laysh? :)

    Jad, you'll for get your photo in Layalina again if you go to this event. Bitkuun famous, inta! WHOOPS! Fi dammi, ya axxi

  3. a group of 3 will compete to win 3 mobiles? so basicaly they're all gonna win? so whats the point in competing in the first place?

  4. lol, that's true Bakkouz.

    But maybe the phones are different!

  5. Hamzeh,
    You should come back to Amman ASAP then :-) do you have any recorded video of that competition ?

    it seems participating means wining

    I'll be wearing red honey



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