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Family International and Schneller School

Last Saturday I had the chance to join FICS in their volunteer day at Theodore Schneller School which was sponsored by the HSBC bank, The idea of drawing smile on kid's faces wasn't clear to me until I saw it and witnesses the effect of it.

FICS (Family International Community Services) are the amazing people which I recently had the chance to meet them , they are amazing because they decided to leave their home, families and devoted their time to help people in Middle East, They have been operating in Middle East since 1993 and they volunteered to do many things from Educational programs for children, Food and clothing distribution, Early learning seminar, Free dental and eye tests up to Three days English camp, they are giving the crystal clear example of how to be part of the change.

Family International Community Service - Theodor Schneller School

Theodore Schneller School which was founded as a school for orphans over 100 years ago is one of the most equipped school I have ever seen, it would be mean if I said I envy them but I guess this is the standards level of equipments a student should have, I wish my school was as equipped as Schneller school.

Family International Community Service - Theodor Schneller School

Apparently HSBC aren't just good in their customer support and credit cards but they are doing fanatical job in drawing smile on kids faces by sponsoring such event, BIG thanks to HSBC Jordan.
Family International Community Service - Theodor Schneller School

Volleyball game Our team lost the game, shall I continue ? heh it was interesting game but apparently teachers were prepared for it more than us.

Clown show

View Family International Series at Veoh

NOTE: I'm not in mood to blog at all but not writing about such great event wont make my mood better

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