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Why do we pay taxes? - Ammanie pavements

Everyone pays taxes in one form or another- mostly income and sales taxes.
But why do we pay these taxes? Well, it might be because the government can’t afford to manage service effectively without getting more money which is very understandable for a developing country with very limited natural resources, but in return we do expect minimum level of service and enhancement,

Well, You know what? I'm not demanding a new public garden in every block in the city, I'm not demanding a public place where people can play basket or football, walahi I'm not demanding guy and I'm not comparing Jordan with Japan or LA, I'm very simple person who just want to go out for walk or jogging without going back home hurt because someone isn't doing his job, FOR GOD SAKE, AM I DEMANDING ?

Ok, it might the area I live in (which is 10 minutes walking to Prime ministry of Jordan) isn't the place to go for a walk but then someone have to recommend a place for me to go and walk other than the treadmill :D

NO, They didn't forgot these screws (they are really big and snaggy), and they just meant to symbolized Jerash pillars :D

Yet another way to prove that modern human can build pyramid and this was the first stone in Wadi sagra's pyramid.


If you think that they forgot this ladder here by mistake then you are underestimating the power and the genies people in Amman municipality
Actually, the story behind this ladder (or shall I say X-ladder LOL) is that the production team of Tomb Raider forgot to ship it back to the state after they finished filming Tomb Raider back in 2001, Well, Mistakes happens

Gone with the wind?


you know what guys, I don't want to write more comments, it's really annoying to keep looking at these photos.

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