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What do you think of my new theme?

Ok, Finally I managed to install new theme for my blog, the new one is much better at least I think it's much better than than previous one, anyway my opinion isn't important here as much as my readers opinions.

Please tell me what do you think about the new theme.

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  1. complicated maths up there!!!
    Man, it's bright - it's light, - it's cool, but very empty - yet sooo full of adverts and commercials!!! Seriously consider less ads, and more photos, design, etc....- Where's Roba, give her a shout, - she'll give you a hand, - you helped her out with CSS etc stuff ;)))

    but, i enjoy the new layout of choosing the post to read to open, and displaying the majority in briefs....

    hey, what do you think of my new theme, - just made the change in the morning!

  2. Bootafoool!
    But older one was Fantastic!

  3. I like it...but I still don't like all those ads! that's why I hate listening to most Radio stations! :p

    and oh, HOW cute! my friend's mother-in-law is decorating your banner!

  4. I believe that it's really elegant, but I have to say that it shocks you with lots of text, you have to put some more colors, I say change the background to baby blue, and get a colored header. Also you must consider removing the adsense at the very top!

  5. i like the old more it was soo hmmm,,, Happy

  6. The older one was better. It was more personal, and more creative I suppose.

  7. This one is "Raye2" .. However, the older theme sounded more like "you" ..

    But again , Changes usually take some time to be coped with !

  8. the new theme is appealing more than the old one, but this one is kind of crowded and not so much encouraging to read (no pictures and i never liked the Read On thing)

    the color baby blue i like, it gives the penguin the cold atmosphere, well dont with that

    and what else, i guess if you work on it more it will come out great

    i like it more than the old one :)

  9. mabrook jad
    i liked the old one,with u scratching ur head and the word home..kan kteer 7eloo..maybe its me,i am not much into change and i tend to cling to old things..iza inta mabsoot ni7na mnet3awwad 3aleh

    ya rab

    w hay submit la nshoof

  10. zabat il comment...lolololeeeeeeeeesh

    ah jad..the font is too small..ana ma sad2t omar na2al w kabbar il font..arrabt albes nadarat(ma t2oli kabri il font min 3endek la2enno large..w lamma roo7 3ala blogs il font kbeer besser kollo mkhabbas..

    this is just a notice to make ur blog better and better ..its not criticism..

  11. Not bad. Actuallly if you loose the ads and make headlines more clear then it will be perfect.

    Madamak Compyatrji shater, I got a question?
    Why I'm not being able to access my blog account ? I mean is unreachable and I can't read any comments on any blog using blogger service! Is it because I'm on blogger Beta? doesn't mention anything about this!

    When I try to connect to I always get diverted to

    Why ;(

    Feekrak el ISP wella el Bali Balak za3lneen 3alay :D?

  12. this one is classic not you, the old one looks like and ur personality :D

  13. hey jad, i too liked the old one ;)

  14. Nimer,
    hahaha, well dude Roba wont help me, actually she always break her promises. anyway I will work on this theme to make it colorful one, from my eyes dude :D
    and your theme is just cool!

    What's so fantastic about the old one? I mean there should be something in-between to make this one as comfortable for readers as the old one.

    What's annoying about the Ads? they are in the same color, not rotating and they aren't as Jeeran flyer's which keeps following your mouse or whatever


    tab help me in colorizing it!
    btw Adsense at the very top is the most profitable one and the less annoying one.

    Why better? elaborate 7aj

    :( is this one sad?

    as I'm reading this I'm thinking to switch back to the old one.

    What do you mean by more like you? do I look funky ? :D

    You know winter is coming in Jordan that's why I'm using the baby blue :D

    I will keep scratching my head for ever,
    Don't worry, I will increase the font size.

    dude, blogger beta having lots of damn problems, hope they will solve it soon, and it's not only you, I'm not able to comment on my blogtspot blogs :(


    ya3ni agolek sha'3leh, LA3younek! o hai switch back to the old one :D lah yya wal howa enti galeeleh 3ena

  15. Firas, if you're on windows do this
    go to Start -> accessories -> command prompt
    then type this
    ipconfig /flushdns

    then disconnect internet, clean your browsers cashe, reconnect and enjoy!


  16. Well , where is the changes , i can see any !


  17. Well not funky .. but more fun :) ..
    this one is .. how do I put it .. yan3i .. more MATURE ..its not bad .. but the previous had more live in it , making it a bit colorful may give it more alive !

  18. Jad, the older one was more colorful, more lively etc. also with all the ads and the font it becomes hard to distinguish between the headers and the sidebar and the post...looks jumbled.

  19. Wow,
    How about now? I have just updated it ?

  20. looks a lot better but the ad at the very top is distracting...also there are too many "jad" faces on the sidebar but i like where you're going with it.

    lastly the background gray isnt eye catching or it makes it look a foggy day

  21. Nas,
    White catch dirts very fast and it's the most annoying piece in laundry :p

    Now the top Ads are one of the main parts of this blog, dude I'm making money out of this blog :D but if we are talking about the Ads color, I thought giving them same theme of my blog would make them more acceptable and less noticed.

    Thanks for the fee3back dude

  22. lool. yeah i know that's how you make money, but it would be cooler to have the header at the very top. but on 2nd thought i guess what you have right now is good.

    keep up the good work!


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