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These are list of WordPress plugins that I really can't live without, I will try to describe what they do and why I love them.

  • Did You Pass Math?

  • I can't live without this plugin because Akismit isn't enough in my declared war against spammers, This plugin restricts comments spam by throwing the commenter a simple mathematical question, I give it 6/10

  • FAlbum

  • As a very e-social person I'm enrolled in many social networks and Flickr are just one of them. Because I upload all photos I take to flickr the integration between my flickr photo stream and my blog that this plugin offer is just neat!, I give it 7/10

  • Feed Director

  • WordPress offers may way for my readers to syndicate my blog but users sometimes request the feed by the name they are used to like /atom.xml or rss2.0.xml, This feed redirect all request to the appropriate link so ALL HAPPY! I give it 8/10

  • Gravatar

  • Isn't it cool to recognize your readers by their Avatar? for me it is cool and easy accomplish with this plugin as it display their Avatars next to their names when they comment. I give it 6/10

  • Live Comment Preview

  • Time is money, you don't have to hit Preview before hitting submit, just start writing your comment and watch what you type
    I give this plugin 10/10

  • Post Views

  • I don't agree with many stuff that SEOs talks about but I really believe that Statistics are everything and what most statistics systems are missing is to count views per post. This is exactly what this plugin does for you, I give it 4/10

  • Subscribe to comments

  • If you are a heavy champ blog reader you will fall into the corner where it's hard to follow comments on certain post and it's not feasible to subscribe to every blog comments feed? is it ? (then you got plenty of free time) This plugin allow readers to receive email notifications of new comments that are posted on an entry they want to follow! I give it 8/10

  • Smart Unread comments

  • This is good for WordPress blog owner and readers, I used to keep all comment in moderation queue so I can read them and try to answer most of them, else with the comments average I'm receiving I wont be able to follow and respond, so this comment display the last unread comments and make my life easier.

They are really useful, I can see my WordPress installation without them.

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