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The real deal on Joining the Military

Interesting video by Before you Enlist showing discrepancy between what the military offers you to convince you in joining them and what you will get when you come back (If you were lucky).

Its not meant to tell that war in Iraq is bad or good nor but to push young people to re-think about their personal choice of joining the military.

* Collage funds
They will promise you to get enough money for your collage but on average the Montgomery GI Bill will only cover 1/2 the cost of a public collage and 1/5 the cost of a private collage.

And the other interesting fact is that almost 1/2 of Montgomery GI Bill participants never receive funding.

* Military will help you to get better life when you come back (If you were lucky)
but according toe VA estimates on any given night 200,000 veterans are homeless, you will learn how to clean weapons and floor but you will have nothing that would help you in getting job when you are back (if you were lucky)

* They will tell you anything to let you sign the contract, they will tell you war is just like a video game! but you will be bount by the enlistment contract but the military is not, they can change anything at any time int the contract.

Since the start of the Iraq war the Army has extended the enlistment of more than 50,000 troops through Stop-Loss

I don't want to ruin it for you, watch this video and you will understand what I'm talking about.

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