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Thank Allah I'm a Jihad Boy Album released

Your Brother From Another Mother Rusty Humphries has just released his album Thanks allah I'm a Jihad Boy

Rusty adds
I am in no way anti-Muslim. Listeners of the Rusty Humphries Show and those who know me understand this quite clearly.
However, I am intensely anti-terrorist. Nothing on this CD should be construed in any way to be disrespectful of peaceful people wherever they may live and whatever religion they practice. But make no mistake, my mission is to persuade all rational people of the world to come together and fight those who mean us harm.
May God Bless you, your family and continue to give his Blessing to The United States of America.
Thank you so much,
Rusty Humphries

What’s interesting about these songs is that they were inspired by actual interviews with Islamic terrorists.

The CD is a collection of Rusty's hit parody songs.
Perfect for anyone who loves to laugh and who love America!
Special limited edition.

* Karaline Kicks Off The CD With The Pledge.
* Rusty – Heck Ya!
* Jews run the media and US churches.
* Thank Allah I’m A Jihad Boy
* Rusty gets cussed out by Terrorists at GITMO
* Almost (Was A Liberal)
* Rusty tells the terrorists a joke
* That Rusty Is My Daddy
* Last Train To Kooksville
* The Apprentice
* Sneakin’ Into the USA
* Monica was an agent for the Jews
* Roll Over Appeasers
* 5000 Jews were evacuated from WTC
* We Won’t Back Down

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