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Passing math is prerequisite to comment on this blog

With my tried to met the newest regulation of Ministry of higher blogging education , I have installed Math test plugin on this blog, some of you may think I installed it to prevent spam but in fact I installed it to met with the latest world wide standards in blogging world

I will try to keep it simple and straight forward math questions at least because I don't want to lose any of my readers comments, therefore I decided to publish a Math exam sample questions in order to help my lovely readers to pass the exam.

Please take few minutes to read and analyze the provided questions as you may have same questions or very close ones in the REAL exam


Pens and papers on the table, from this minute on the exam started and it's official, if you cheat then you are cheap and your voice wont be heard.

I wish you the best.

Jad madi
Head of Jaj maji Academic research center

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  1. jaj maji smells tasty
    7 and 0

  2. Well then. I guess this is the end of an era - I will never be commenting on this blog ever again. It was nice while it lasted ya sayed Jad. Enjoy the math geeks that will visit this site from now on. All the creative geniuses bid you adieu!

  3. I'm going to take a stab at this and say that the answers are: 1:E, 2:B, 3:C, 4:B, 5:C, 6:C, 7:D, 8:E.

  4. NEVER ... would I be subdued by these idiotic anti-spam techneques ... I look down upon junk like that ... and laugh ... with great pride ...
    Captchas... and this junc belong in the dumpster! It's way too stupid ... seriously

  5. Dave, the answers are on the bottom of the page!

  6. 7usam,
    Yes, We are A++ rated in consumer report database.

    indeed my brother.

    eh! lah ya wal, bs ana bedi comments men el jens el akhar, please la totrikina! PLEASE BENSAKER ba3deen :(

    YOU JUST WON FREE PIZZA! contact me for further information on how to receive your prize.

    Well, I don't know how should I convince you, but so far since I installed it I got 0 spam, dude it's damn effective

  7. Damn man, this AJAX thing doesnt work for my blog
    mabrook Jad, you're just killing me.. I hate Maths!

  8. Jad, - wad'3ak si3ib shaklo only 1 from the jense akhar has commented, all others have abstained! Ibsor3a la7eg 7alak, wa ghayer el-spam technique taba3 el-blog.

    Ba3dain kafee innak microsoft free when the majority of the jense akhar only use it and you don't......they won't be able to use your computer!!!


  9. Leesh bas heek?
    Can't you introduce better ways?
    Mumken absum ? Zay el matar

  10. :-)
    i scored 193/200 in my tawjihi maths exam, he3 he3...
    i'll contact my high IQ society so that they turn to spammers...
    Spammers you can't stop law jebtelhum el as2ele men ma3ali 5alid Tuqan nafso....

  11. Qwaider, whether I calculated every problem or saved myself some time by checking the bottom of the page, either way it would appear that I am a stinkin' genius. ;)

  12. Yes Dave, you are my friend ... you are!
    Now with that in mind, what are you doing in Jordan?

  13. Qwaider, I'm currently in Turkey. I'll be back in Jordan in a week.


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