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My Heritage Face Recognition

First they gives you the impression that they will do it in the right way and I was very interested in seeing the result
so I uploaded picture of my face
Hoping to see at least 20% accurate result, I know some will try to remind me that I'm visually blind but hey come'n it's my face and I can recognize it better than anyone

I know that I'm a guy with a very choppy face that change even more than the weather in November, so I picked the above photo as it's one of the clearest photos I have.

The first and the second steps in the system gives you the impression that you have uploaded your photo to a DAMN BIG MACHINE and it's processing now every pixel trying to recognize your face
Basically at this moment I felt I'm in front of eye recognition machine at the airport and eventually they will arrest me for farting in the street when I was 10 years old :D

The process takes about 60 seconds, I don't know why but in the last twenty second you will feel so anxious to see the result, you will feel every second passing tek tek tek tek tek and hoooooooooooooooooob here is the so disappointing result :(


try it now and lets see which monkey relate to you :d

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  1. Ya3ni ballah 3aleik inta il tani ma la2eit gheir hay il sura? You have to look remotely human in the picture you choose.
    They said I look like Angelina Jolie ;)

  2. jad

    ???? ?? ?????? ???? ???
    ??? ?????

    ?? ???? ????? ???? ???

    ??? ??? ?? ??? ???????? ? ?? ??????
    ?? ???? ???? ????

    ??? ???? ????? ???? ??????

    ??? ???? ????? ????

    ??? ????????


    ?? ???? ???? ??? ??????

    ?? ?? ????? ??????? ????

  3. ok ok i am trying it now..mish inta illy betna2i il gender hon..bil awwal bass..:D

  4. ?????

    ?? ?? ????? ??? ???? ?????? ?? ????

    ???? ??? ????? ???????? ???? ? ???? ?????? ?????? ??? ?????
    ?? ??? ????????
    ?? ???? ???? ?? ?????
    ???? ???

  5. Mish 3ajbak ya 7abibi Jostein Gaarder, walak hada insan 3atheem eh! wa ana ba7tarmo jiddan jiddan !

  6. they say that i look like Johny Dipp ... ana ma elley dakhal hu alley be7key heek
    ok girls??? i look like Johny Dipp :P

    check here:

    bas al fdy7a enou 86% i look like Amanda peet :P

  7. bakkouz aywa sa7 wana ba2ool wain shayfetoo..sophie's world..

    wa7deh la6shat minni il ktab hayyak zakartni..beddy atlobo minha ..kollo wala kotbi..

  8. Apparently I look 73% like Andriy Shevchenko "Sheva", 67% like David Beckham, 66% like Bow wow, 63% like Will Smith, 57% like Sergei Eisenstein .... and here comes the funniest one ... 55% like Brad Pitt ... yeah right.


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