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JP October Meetup - Ramadan Iftar

JP iftar was cool idea, Thanks Khalida for arranging it, ohh well and maybe Roba :p

The open buffet at Belle Vue Hotel was fine and I HAD TWO TASTY GATAYEEEEEF! (so i didn't break my Ramadan's schedule).

In the other news we had many new faces, Namely Sam, The Observer, Nemir (Very interesting person), Grace, THE LOVELY KHALTO KINZI! and many other I didn't manage to talk with them as I was busying in HUNTING FOR GATAYEF ( not really just teasing Hala).

After having the iftar we left to Old view cafe, we had interesting chat about Skype and TRC, Aramex story with Hal.

Thanks for showing up guys & gals, leave you with the photos.

JP Ramadan iftar

JP Ramadan iftar

JP Ramadan iftar

JP Ramadan iftar

JP Ramadan iftar

JP Ramadan iftar

JP Ramadan iftar

JP Ramadan iftar

JP Ramadan iftar

JP Ramadan iftar

JP Ramadan iftar

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  1. Great!

    I'm NOT a thief! ¬_¬

    Jad meshan Allah,
    send me your header's original image to

    and I will fix it to you,
    Ebleeez, Arjoook! hehehe

  2. [...] Khalidah’s take on the meet-up Jad’s take on the meet-up [...]

  3. Thanks for the compliments and post about a very fun evening! And, for listening to me YACK on and on!

    Every time we get togther I am amazed at what a unique, diverse and yet unified group the JP citizens are. May God increase your kind!

  4. i had a great time jad. see you around. : )

  5. Dear Jad,

    then you forgot to mention me :( , we had a good conversation, i really enjoyed talking to you.


  6. It was a lovely meet-up :)
    Jad sho hai elsora .. ma 7abbaitha :(

  7. Walla sheklha kanat sahra me7rze :)

  8. Omar,
    Wardeh enta :-)

    Thanks for coming, now you've got to help me in the messiest champ!
    *whisper* I'll give you 50%

    it was nice to see you dude, watch out the water bottle next time :p

    enta amazing

    7agak 3ali! your right is on me! walahi I forgot, I guess I'm entering an era where forgetting is part of the daily life

    yes, it was lovely, which one?

    ra7at 3alik


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