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It has been confirmed that Telecommunication Regularity Commission has recently banned VoIP Skype in Jordan. This absurd blockage is probably just a way to make the state communications companies happy after years of losing long-distance customers to Skype.

Restricting access to Skype is a major setback to Jordan's IT and telecom industries as it is a direct case of fighting technological advancement. Furthermore, blocking sites to protect the commercial interests of a few companies is one of the worst things that could happen to such technological industries. It is very unfortunate to see such a decision taking as Jordan was one of the countries with the highest level of freedom of access in the Internet.

Ironically, the vision of the TRC as stated on their website is A telecommunications environment that is competitive, advanced, regulated and available to all. The blocking of Skype is a direct contradiction to the statement above! Funny folks.

It seems like Batelco Jordan were they first to block website and Skype login server and that might be because they have their own International calls solution so it's very healthy to act quick.

TRC claim that they had ordered it banned because of Security reasons and this makes me wonder if about the differences between Skype and JTC blackbox or Batelco's Prepaid cards or even maktoob's skype.

We, as Jordanian bloggers, should step up to such a horrendous decision that might as well be the first step in standardizing internet censorship, so please take a second to spread to blog your discontent or to send an email to the people behind the blockage.


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