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Jordan gates towers fall down :(

While in JP meeting Khalida's friend called her to tell her about the shocking news, first I didn't believe, actually I thought it's another rumor just like the Abdoun bridge one because unfortunately we are the rumors experts in Jordan.

What I was thinking of when I first heard it, ohh god be with us, save us and inshallah it's not a the terrorists again and al-hamdulilah it wasn't the terrorists but Seems to be low standards and dirty contractors.

anyway, no more to say, leave you with the distracting news

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  1. hey Jad

    there's a fire happened in the same building with injuries as well,

    ya3ni ma 7ada radi yefham inno those are all signs not to build these total useless 'towers'

    so frustrating...


  2. [...] As I blog this (way after midnight) I am shocked almost no Jordan Planet blogger has bothered to blog about this. There only was Jad’s post. [...]

  3. When I left the meeting with Amino we were wondering why there was so much traffic and stuff. We thought maybe the king was out and about and stuff but when I found out about this I was shocked! Its like whoa?!

    So what is this Jordan Gate?

  4. I really feal sad for the dead and injured, If we have real strict control and enforcement on construction standards and adherence to quality in design and materials nothing like that would have happened. If we wanna compete , enter into the developed countries ranks, and progress we need to have the prereqs for that: up-todate standards, quality control, and complience among so many other things.

    Strange, sad, and annoying to happen in a country its religion is Islam that calls for perfection:
    As the prophet SAW the great grandfather of our King said: " Ina Allaha yu7ib a7adakum etha 3ama 3amalan an yutqinh"

  5. Moey,
    Walahi I'm not sure if the towers are as long and as useful as toilet papers but
    I have no idea what they are build for, however for me, if a Jordanian citizen can rent or buy part of it at reasonable price then it's useful project else it's not.

    You were with us in the meeting ? really ? Hello then :-)
    Jordan gates is just another inve$tment in Jordan and there is some rumors says that it was the reason of firing the former Amman's mayor.

    It's really sad and annoying to see such thing happening in Jordan, and there is many reasons I can add to your list maybe because it's the first time in that such thing happen in Jordan so it's the time to pay more attention to constructions especially when Jordan is really crowded with new constructions which is good but we need to pay more attention and apply more strict rules and punishments.


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