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I'm not sure if it's going to work, I mean the new Jordanian laws that aims to fight terror in Jordan which was proposed recently to the Parliament, Yes, I'm little confused because of it and that because I don't know what is it and how it's going to be applied.

First let me make my point clear, I'm totally with this new law especially when I heard about restricting fatwa's (Islamic legislations) to a certain people of specialist in this field, so I'm happy but...

How this is going to be applied? is it right to do that from the first place? I mean there is advantages and disadvantages for the new law, The advantage is that we will not see more idiots, x-prisoners who are able to give a fatwa in minutes when a specialist would need weeks if not months to give the right decision as many changes would happen because of this fatwa because it's (in Islam) a legislation of different levels and the opposite to the fatwa might become Haram ( forbidden).

On the other hand the fatwa itself is just a personal opinion on certain case but because of the religious educational level of the person who give fatwa, it become valid and people follow it, simply because people always needs a sympol or a person to follow or in some cases when they are confused they want a final decision from the fatwa legislator; Therefore we cannot limit people's thinking, I mean everyone has the right to think and give an answer but we shouldn't follow anyone
On the other hand one fatwa's could be illegal but still a valid fatwa or it could be legal but invalid fatwa and that because people comes from different backgrounds, different needs and different cases.

Actually, I have been thinking about this issue for days now, and I thought I shouldn't publish it before coming up with an idea that would be at least discussed on blogospher as alternative or enhancement to what the Parliament may process as new law in Jordan; but unfortunately I couldn't find anything that solve the problem because we are in big trouble because we have dirty mentality that may gives fatwa to kill someone or to classify someone as infidel and so it's just fine to behead him or someone may gives a fatwa that make committing suicide as easy as making your morning coffee.

But how would the new law stop that ?
We have long confused history and we are still very confused about lots of issues, so those people who hold the dirty mentality will stop giving out these kind of fatwas? DEFINITELY YES, simply because it's strict law and the government and the people want it but the problem isn't here actually

Let's try to analyze and predict what would happen, taking in consideration the following factors:

  • We have lots of dirty minds

  • Who may give you the fatwa to kill someone

  • Who may classify other people as infidels

  • Most of people aren't well educated, and I'm not talking about the academic degree here

  • Icons

    • People love to follow icons

    • Lack of moderate direction

    • no moderate religious icon exists

    A Complex equation ? isn't it ? I imagine that even if this law proceed and become valid in Jordan, people will still ask for fatwas and sick minded people would still give out fatwas just by saying sorry I don't know, but in history we had this case and X said this while Y did this... This is just fine; but when our society lack education this would give the same result as giving direct sick fatwa and maybe even more as some known religious icons are being mentioned in this case.

    So, do you really think the new law would help in anyway to get the issue closed? Americans, British and Spanish had this law for at least two years and did it work ? unfortunately not as bin ladin still free and his base and power seems to be growing (If you watched the last video of al-zawahri on Aljazeera, he was sitting in a library! HOLLY SHIT!, Elegant library in Afhanistain while he's being chased? )

    I guess the best is to fight the root of the problem, which is the sick mentality by giving helping moderate religious Muslims to get heard more and more, and maybe giving some sessions about the moderate Islam (which should be the default) in prison for the prisoners in related cases; you might be shocked that Saudi Arabia managed to change about 400 prisoner mentality from extremest into very moderate just by giving these sessions for three months but in Saudi Arabia the case is different because they have real strong moderate icons while we don't.

    Finally, I pray to god to keep Jordan safe, to keep the world safe, I really want to be able to picture my future in the next 10 years but with this chaos it's really hard.

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