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Is it rumor or a fact? I mean; a news agency should be accurate especially when it come to piece of news says the possibility Osama bin Laden died of typhoid.

Well, One may ask how that would affect me or affect anyone at least because we aren't in direct fight with him or his people, but the fact yes we are at least with the ideology that he and his followers hold.

So let me put it in this way, Anyone can confirm that news so we can celebrate ? indeed I'll dance naked :D

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  1. typhoid....synonymous with the takfiri ideology he spreads

    it would be ironic if that's what killed him.

    here's one Muslim's fingers that are crossed.

  2. It might be an elaborate plot to push him to declare his existence, Or this is his retirement match!

    I question the timing AGAIN very close to the elections. Which may or may not declare this as a victory

  3. I heard that on the news this morning ... Let's wait and see ... :)

  4. 3ajab amruhum, they make the bu3bu3 and they end him... this is just for concumption as the election is coming soon. Like zaraqwi and alike.... you don't know the extent of technology they have in creating vedio of any personality saying things he never had said in any language they want in his own voice. Wallah enhum sabaqu eshytan. Sada2 eli 2al 3anhum eshaytan elkabar bal
    eshytan beshtghel 3endhum khadim.
    any one who does not know that already and need the reference on this Technology let me know, I can provide it.


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