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Picture I took of beer


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  1. nice. its called photo not picture :@

  2. LoL
    ya zalameh ana 3am agaled

  3. ?????? ?? ???? ???? ??? ???? ????
    ? ???? ????? ????? ????? ? ????
    ? ???? ?? ???? ??????? ???? ???
    ?? ???? ??? ????? ???? ..????? ????
    ? ?????

  4. Jad,

    Did you drink these? Do you drink? (and I mean alchohol).

  5. Moey,
    What's the difference between photos and picture ?

    ???? ????? ??? ?? ????? ??? ????? ???????

    No abu hiar, I do not drink at all; We saw them right after leaving Pizza hut complex.

  6. lol when we were little kids we saw the same in the street, 4 some reason we thought they r scary!!

  7. Eish jab dukhan il classic 3ala beera Heineken?

    It should be either philadelphia beer and classic ciggies or Heineken with Marlboros...

  8. LoL
    ya zalameh ana 3am agaled

    LOL okay, Jad you're humilating the photo by calling it a picture, a photo is what you take with your camera, a picture can be edited or whatever u call it, a drawing..logo.. etc

  9. so you mean all this time ive been getting it wrong, its photo not picture.

  10. o0o and yes, great shots JAD :)

  11. Lammoush,
    I have same feeling until now :-)

    ya akhi nas ma betefham 6a3met thomha, sho bedna negool bs!

    you just destroyed Sabri's feelings ya zalameh! now he have to rename all titles of his posts !

    ana bagldak be title but I can't do that in the quality :-)
    I guess you have long day in renaming your posts titles :D

  12. Haineken + Classic !!! gatal 7alo had :D

  13. sabri asked: so you mean all this time ive been getting it wrong, its photo not picture.

    lel asaf el shadeed man, great photos.. bad titles


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