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Japanese are smarter than the rest of us

I wish I could give single comment.

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  1. i just love the way they say

    HUKA TURA SURE-TCHI! hehehehe
    bass balash sa7!

    I HATE Marmite! Urgh!

  2. ?????? ????

    ???? ??? ??? ???? ???????* ???? ?????? ????
    ???? ?????? ? ?? ??????

    ??? ???????? ??????
    ??? ????

    ????? ???? ?? ?? ?????

    * glool means marbles

  3. WHAT?! I HATE JAPANESE ADVERTISMENTS! we don't even know what's the product.. or if that was an advertisment at all! we have a JP citizen who knows japanese! i remember reading his posts! maybe he could help us translate this stupid sentence they keep repeating! this got into my nerves! 3assabtni! bas thanks for sharing anyways :D

  4. laaaaaaaaaaaa mesh heik!!! hahhahahha
    o bne7ki 3an 7alna mohandeseen al!! hahahhahah

  5. Guys admit it , it is neat stuff !!


  6. This is a compilation of clips of several Rube Goldberg devices also called Pythagorean Apparatuses or "Pitagora souchi" in Japanese that appear on a Japanese children show called "Pitagora suicchi" ???????????which translates to "Pythagorean switch"

    this is the home page of the show

    more about rube Goldberg devices

  7. Amazing, it involves a lot of physics and Mechanical concepts and engineering.

    Yeah, and lots of hours to waste, though it worth it.

    Good stuff.

  8. Awesome!
    So this is where the writers of "Final Destination" get there ideas from!!!!


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