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Forced to blog by theif

Two days ago when I arrived at Aqaba I decided not to blog from Aqaba for two reasons, the first was that I forgot my digital camera cable so I can't include any photos I took with the posts, the second reason is because I went to aqaba to stay as long as possible away from computers but now we just came back from the south beach in aqaba with NO MONEY, yes with no money, as someone stole my wallet.

Finally, Yeftha7 3arthoo (may god scandal his width :D LOL).

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  1. sorry Jad,I have to say this:i before e except after c!

  2. lol @ width :-D

    sorry to hear that buddy. but at least you have something to blog about now! you know the worst part about getting your wallet stolen is not the money. it's the hours and days you'll spend getting your drivers' lisence and national id card!

    p.s. "i" before "e" ;-)

  3. God paralize his hope yalli sara2ak(alla yshel amalo) mohem innak b khair w bil mal wala bil 3ayal...terja3 bil salameh

  4. El ba2ieh be 7ayatak !


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  6. Lah lah lah, I hope you didn't loose a lot of money.

    Salam, ya3ni izzalamih jai m7amrig wo fag3a ma3oh, i7keelik kilmtain 3an il mawdoo3 6ayibi kha6ro wo ba3dain i'7la3i moraqib la'3awi. :)

    Btw guys, I cannot find anymore, what happened?

  7. sorry Jad and Sari,I did apologize before criticizing..bass sari ma3o ya2,el 3awad bi salmtak Jad!

  8. is hijacked by roba assi.

  9. 7usam,
    hahais, bs balash akol '3erha, tharbeteen bel ras betoja3.

    LoL, why ?

    Dude, the theif was really professional asshole, there was three cell phones, two wallets, and digital camera in our luggages but he stole only my money and he left the phones, and cameras and that's why we didn't feel it until I decided to go and buy some tea!

    [email protected] galodeh :P
    aa ana bekhair, at least because they can't steal 90KG weight person :D

    Shakara allaho sa3yakom

    ya zalameh hathol el theqa zbaleh but I go with them because they are close to my home.

    Sari Al-Hiari,
    wala ya abu hiari not much (about 70) but they were the last in my bank account with ATM and I've already used my Visa amount :D

    la sorry wala ma ya7zanon :D

    lisatak ga3ed 3al korsi ?

  10. el7amdella i don't take such stuff with me unless they're in the hotel safe

  11. na3eeman ....

    for the bath u had in the sea not something else :)


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