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When you take off your shoes?

ever wondered what would happen if you take off your shoes at office ?

NOTE: This isn't meant to encourage you to take off your shoes or anything at office.

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  1. Mesh fahem....ehna sho dakhalna be ur weird thoughts...

  2. of! el ree7a weslat la 3ende :S hay shofna ino ur shoes reebok!! ;op

  3. ????? ?? ?? ????? ????? ?

  4. I only do so when I don?t want my boss come around me :D and it works, but it also has ?some civilian victims from around the office :p

  5. 3an jad ana mesh fahmeh , hay shekelha jarabat bte3kes lon el mokait khkhkhkhkh

  6. ?? ??? ?????

    ?? ??? ??? ???? ??? ??

    ??? ???? ???? :)

  7. obviously you have not worked in the US; more so in Utah. taking off your shoes at work, on sidewalks and in shopping malls is a regular scene. to add to that, the qaraf that you see is more likely to be on the feet themselves rather than the socks.

  8. i would suggest that you do what i do. I have a "persistent" ???? beneath my office. you just feel home.

  9. Bakkouz,
    maze3 :p

    They were white before the hmm "extreme make over"?

    Without the smell of my feet you wont see the success of this weird thoughts.

    mgadameh el re7a itha 3ajbatek Opps gasdi el shoes

    hahais, not yet but I'll try to take photos for the socks after cleaning them.

    I do it all the time and unfortunately the boss doesn't care, maybe because they don't smell :p

    khkhkhkhkhkh ana shamtaaaaaaan

    Yes, I am and I'm proud of that; At least I have control over my jerkiness.

    Mafi beni ya zalameh! bs momken akon da3ast be *tooooot* wa7ad fa hatha el loon el beni :p

    Are you saying I'm westernized now ?

    The idea is to free your mind, your soul, your feet!

  10. looool hahahaah reminds me of my brother

  11. and the reason for taking off ur shoes is ???????!!!!!!

  12. lammoush,
    lazem at3araf 3alieh akhouki

    To free my mind :p

  13. bas haik bta3mel block for other people's minds :P

  14. no i am not saying that ya basha, need to walk around barefooted with dirty feet before you become one

    ...ba3dein you have to be a podcast host to be "westernized" :D

  15. for girls especialy in summer i think we cant do this coz we are already wearing sandals u shaglat for summer.
    but good point jad.. sometimes i feel to do this

  16. Sell those images to Reebok's competitors!

    I can see it now:

    Wearing Reebok makes your socks look like that!

  17. Zeid,
    Sell it for me and take 50%; yala dude; lets see the online campaign on your adblog arabia.

  18. Gladly!

    Find a talented video guy/girl and a graphic designer.... spoof Reebok, and you're on!

    Thanks, by the way, for mentioning AdBlogArabia..... surely now, being mentioned on a top-top-top Jordanian blogger site, I will have visitors rolling in :)

    I'll get back to you with the stats on that.


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