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un-bricking linksys WRT54GS V4

First I've to admit that I was stupid enough yesterday to play with my wireless router trying to expand it's range but it was so annoying that I've wireless router and it's range doesn't cover the house and so I can't use it in my favourite place in summer which the the balcony

so I asked Isam how did he expand his Wireless router to cover garden; he gave me some links and I start digging.

First I tried to install firmware provided by but it didn't work, don't ask me why I'm wireless noob and networking idiot in general so I kept digging after another solution that work so I found another firmware provided by and it worked! but suddenly while playing with the new options provided by the new firmware the router got bricked (it's totally new term to me) and when you get your wireless router bricked this means you cannot access it and the only working LED is the power LED

I spend four hours yesterday trying to un-brick it, I've read almost every piece of information about How to un-brick your linksys but none worked or I wasn't shorting the correct pins, honestly I don't know

Today morning Karim tried to help and George didn't let me down but his continues tries but unfortunately it didn't work

finally, it seems that I've to face the fact that my wireless router is corrupted and it may not work again and I should go and buy new one but it would be interesting to find a solution for this case at least I will learn new thing and I'll be testing new firmware on the old one instead of blowing up the new one.

please HELP!

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  1. Dude, I doubt the range problem could be solved with software.

    Over here, we used an antenna reflector. You could strengthen your signal towards your balcony, and weaken it (only a little) in the other.

    It was an obvious antenna problem, not a software problem.. 7aram 3aleek. You can increase both the transmit and receive gains by replacing the antenna (easily bought online), or using some home made reflectors (which we are using):

    I can't help you with your firmware problem, sorry.

  2. Here's a high gain antenna:

    802.11b and g work on 2.4 GHz.

    this has very high gain, bit is also very directional:

  3. Samir,
    Thanks for the tips and links, but I need to know the bottom line of my situation; is it fixable or shall I wear my jeans and go to buy new one?

  4. I'm kind of giving you solutions for the range problem for your new router, which i think you'll be buying soon :P

    Sorry, I have no clue when it comes to routers' firmwares!

  5. Dude, you're stupid!
    Trying to play with things that you don't understand? Ya3ni at least try to get the approved firmware! Don't screw things up with some freak's version of a firmware!
    I suggest you get one of those Hawking antennas, they're awesome.
    The range of most of these home routers is already at it's limit. The best you can do is about 100mw beyond that they violate the FCC regulations and therefore will not do it!
    Even infrastructure AP's will not exceed that.
    How car do you need to be from the Access point?

  6. Dude, Yes indeed I AM STUPID, I only want to expand the damn range, I only want to use internet in guests room and balcony and for that I lose 70 JD :D how Ahbal am I ! LOL

    Well, I will have to check what's the available wireless routers in Jordan, I'm pretty sure I will not find a good one that covers 300 meter around the access point or to a certain way from the access point

    do you think I need WMAX at home? :D

  7. 300 Meters? dude, you're looking to pay 10 times more than the 70JD, therefore I would suggest getting 2 access points and just roaming between the two
    WiMax aka (wireles wan, wirelss man) is not ready yet, maybe next year, and probably cost you an Arm and a leg now

  8. Dude, what was the verdict ?!

    I have the SAME problem now, and i remembered your post.

    I didnt play with firmware, but this happened when replaced a 220/110 transformer after burning the one that was working (burnt it doing something else), so with the new one it blinks that way like crazy, and i tried other transformers and it won't work.. I didnt touch the software, i wonder what happened..

    shu sar ma3ak ??

  9. Ahhh, it's been almost a year. And there's a solution for your problem now :)
    Use wireless-N, that should give you a good range :) I have no idea how I stumbled across this again!

    Man ... I miss the good old days

  10. PLEASE PLEASe PLEASE I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO UNBRICK PLEASE MAKE TUTORIAL OR TELL ME ALL IT SAYS IS HOW TO INCREASE POWER -_- i want to know how to unbrick please this is the same 1 2 3 4 are all lit up in wireless router its the same as the video please help im begging

  11. Danny,
    I wish I know the solution, I had to buy new wireless router and now I'm not going to touch it for any reason :-)


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