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  1. I suspect the talmudic passage in question is open to interpretation. If it wasn't, then no Orthodox jew would consent to live in Israel, which is clearly not the case.

    It's also irrelevent. Appeals to religious texts are not going to change the reality of Israel--whether one is a supporter or foe. Constructive energies need to be focused on creating a Palestinian state whose government concentrates on creating a stable economy and a civil society, rather than obsessing about destroying Israel.

  2. Peter,
    Just let me make things clear, I'm not educated at all about Christian and Jewish religion therefore try to give more than asking :D

    As for the Orthodoxes Jewish I guess they have the right to live in that country regardless what you call it Israel or Palestine, and they are against the state of Israel not against living there.

    If you check these pictures of Twenty Palestinian MILS you will see that Jewish used to live and apparently there was lots of them which explain the Hebrew text on the coin; so here we aren't discussing if Jewish can live there or not as I don't consider this worthy discussion because they have the right to live their just like Muslims and Christians.

    as for creating a Palestinian state I don't think it's feasible; both people hate each other and it's not likely to have problem settled between them in the seen future

    on the other hand there can't be a Palestinian state that can't allow it's citizen to live in; The Palestinian population in the world is about 20 million which means the small state of Palestine cannot host them and which also means the state can't build a good economic as Palestinians outside are the economical power of that state

    Finally, Middle east has been on war since god created this earth so another war wont make a difference at least to history book

  3. \"Constructive energies need to be focused on creating a Palestinian state whose government concentrates on creating a stable economy and a civil society, rather than obsessing about destroying Israel.\"

    That can only happen when jews stop building jewish-only towns, stop making laws to give more water to jews and less to non-jews, stop giving residency rights to any Jew that walks into the airport while arbitrarily expelling non-jews, when jews stop killing non-jews and calling them either terrorists or collateral damage, when you get out of the West Bank and Gaza and when stop killing civilians over captures soldiers. So when you stop being a violent supremacist jew, things will get better.

  4. A Palestinian state? .... another one? ..... why.... ?

    In historical British Mandate Palestine there are already 2 states; Jordan with 80% of Palestinian Arabs and Israel. Let's solve the problem between both existing states for sure and not lay on Hippocratic unsure solution for 3 states ) Jordan, Israel, Palestine) !


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