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Maktoob - CashU customers database compromised?

anyone can explain what the heck is this? This email was sent to one of my emails which I was using it for CashU account; I know that phishers sometimes send their phishing email to random emails but this doesn't seems to be random as I just found that I received another copy to another email account which was associated with CashU account.

From: Cashu Service
To: ***********
Date: 27-Jul-2006 17:34
Subject: Update Your Account
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Cashu is committed to maintaining a safe environment for its community of customers. To protect the security of your account, Cashu employs some of the most advanced security systems in the world and our anti-fraud teams regularly screen the Cashu system for unusual activity.

We are contacting you to remind you that on 5 March 2005 our Account Review Team identified some unusual activity in your account. In accordance with Cashu's User Agreement and to ensure that your account has not been compromised, access to your account was limited. Your account access will remain limited until this issue has been resolved.

To secure your account and quickly restore full access, we may require some additional information from you for the following reason:

We have been notified that a card associated with your account has been reported as lost or stolen, or that there were additional problems with your card.

This process is mandatory, and if not completed within the nearest time your account or credit card may be subject for temporary suspension.

To securely confirm your Cashu information please click on the link bellow:

We encourage you to log in and perform the steps necessary to restore your account access as soon as possible. Allowing your account access to remain limited for an extended period of time may result in further limitations on the use of your account and possible account closure.

For more information about how to protect your account please visit Cashu Security Center. We apologize for any incovenience this may cause, and we apriciate your assistance in helping us to maintain the integrity of the entire Cashu system.

Thank you for using Cashu!
The Cashu Team .

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  1. I received the same email from paypal ma3 ino i don't even have a paypal account :)

  2. Bakkouz,
    Paypal scam is different; I presume that any Internet user should be used to Paypal scams but Why cashU ?

  3. this thing has a name - spoofing

    you can find information about it on the web

    and jad- people looking for ideas to make money

    mabye one day they will also write as
    contact [+@-] jadmadi DOT or PERIOD BUT NOT COMMA! net

  4. its not different, same exact email.
    its a scam. move to junk.

  5. i got a similar thing, like the exact spitting image, but it was for paypal! i dont get it though, what does maktoob have to do with it?

  6. I got this from PayPal, StormPay, CitiBank ... bla bla bla ... It is a scam

    Some people do have time on their hands ;)

  7. it's false.. cashu issued a statement

  8. I got the same email and I dont use maktoob or cashu. It must be a spammer who has a database . This has nothing to do with cashu or maktoob I think.

  9. This is a phishing attack that targets customers of CashU Card. Users receive a spoofed email message claiming that their account has been limited as a result of unusual activity. The email message contains a link to a phishing website, which attempts to capture the account password, address, and credit card information.

  10. Never heard of CashU...I REPORT ALL of these scams with full headers,of course.I never enter any account numbers in my PC and never buy or sell using my PC and I still get Chase,Bank of America,Wells Fargo,Wachovia notices as well a the usual near daily barrage of spoofs claiming to be eBay. The date is often from east of GMT...meaning more than likely an African nation. I hear they have schools in Nigeria to teach phishing and the Nigerian 419 scam letters.One scammer claimed to be a medical student (dumb as a box of rocks) and had me e-mail her "lawyer" whose writing was about like that of a 10 year-old kid. She claimed her late father left $650,000,000.She also claimed to be a US citizen and could get no help from the US Embassy to get out of Ghana.She wanted me to send her $5,000 to get back to Smiths Station,Alabama.Malarky!


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