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JO Magazine Scandal!

Pheras first email
Hi there, I'm Pheras Hilal, a journalist/writer from Venture and JO magazines. Both magazines are Jordanian publications in English, Venture Magazine is a Business Intelligence Monthly, while JO is a social monthly. I'm in charge of developing two tech support sections in both magazines. I develop a section called "The Cutting Edge" in Venture Magazine, which features hi-tech gadgets and new innovations created by several Electronics giants. In JO, I'm in charge of a section called "Tech Support" which basically contains articles about the latest in technology. In our August issue, I'm doing a piece in JO about HDTVs, so I would very much appreciate it if you can provide me with high resolution images of some HDTVs and further information on these tvs and also prices. In Venture, I'm looking for hi tech gadgets and gizmos to review and write about, so I would appreciate if you can supply with a list of your products attached with high resolution images on a monthly basis. Please do find the time to meet my requests and get back to my e-mail as I require such information asap. Thank you so very much for your time and cooperation. Regards,

Pheras Hilal

Gizmodo response
You'd like for us to do your work for you?

Okay. Please provide us a monthly stipend of $25k a month in operating expenses and we'll just write your damn magazine. I'm sure as a journalist/writer you're flush with venture capital.

Or how about you replace those sections of your magazine with high-resolution screen shots of our website with giant, comedy-sized quotation marks around each image.

That would be pretty 'Cutting Edge.'

Joel Johnson

P.S. Also, I'll need a pony with a built-in HDTV.

Pheras again!

Save it E-Whitney. Tell that to your buddies, and I'm sure you'll have a great laugh for the day. God didn't spare me with time on my hands, episodes of Wayne's World and an internet connection so that I can grow up to be a geek techie as yourself. I have better things to write about in my life than to waste it all on stupid things plugged to my fucking USB port, hence I asked for your help. What a loser. And you keep on dreaming about getting half your annual income from me.

Pheras Hilal

and you can read the 100+ comment at gizmodo

Pheras won a Digg entry with so far 73 digs

Now this isn't about Pheras; it's about JO and Venture magazines, I really would love to know how they are wrapping up the other sections ?
the only comment I can give today is " Ya shamatet abla taza fiya!"
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  1. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    I can't stop laughing:D Allahuma la shamata:p

  2. Well, all I can say is that I hope people don't take this as an indication of the level of reporting over at JO. As a free-lance contributor, let me assure you that a lot of the people working there are professionals of the highest quality. As for Pheras, shame on you, mate.

  3. "bet7o66o 7alko b mawaqef baikhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

  4. The post on gizmodo is actually the most commented on the site, we should give him that :)

    The problem I see is not in the tone of the e-mail, nor in the act of sending it, but rather in the level of "un-informedness" ? I don?t want to say ignorance?oops- that Pheras has shown. He thinks gizmodo is a manufacturer of TV's and gadgets. I don't know how he came to that conclusion!!

    I am not going to say that a tech journalist should be aware of a well known tech blog/magazine like gizmodo ?I wonder if he's heard of Engadget- However, if he read just one of their articles he would have known right away what they were. This is truly an insight to how some writers conduct their research, and will probably affect my preconception next time I come across a tech review in a Jordanian magazine.

    We need gurus and experts to be writing, especially things like technology reviews, not college kids with extra time on their hands who happen to have good writing skills.

    I think the whole thing could have been contained if it weren't for Feras' second e-mail? too late now, he's already on wikipedia:

  5. OH MY GOD!!!!!
    I'm totally speachless!! (so why am I commenting?) OH MY GOD! I want to say something, But I don't want it to come across as being ... Too harsh! So I'll shut up.... but ....
    OH MY GOD!

  6. OH MY GOD!
    And You don't even know how to spell "Speech"
    OH WOW! OH MY GOD !!

    Maybe Pheras was slacking up a bit,
    but this dude had a total inappropriate reply. Ya3ni he could've replied in a better way. *shrug*


  7. esh fee? meen beddo ba6a6a

  8. lool well let's give him a break. it's his first job.

    sadly this incident does not bode too well for JO which is still a great mag.

    good thing it isnt international

  9. Laaaaaaa! hay mesh fadee7a belmarra!
    Bas yallah 3adeeeee mesh awal marra :P

  10. All I have to say is that the pervious copies of both JO and Venture, and the upcoming copies will speak for themselves. As for my creditibility as a writer, I don't see this as a black spot at all, this month has been a really busy month and that only indicates lots of material for August's issue, through that I will prove myself, my work will speak for itself.

    I strictly did not ask Gizmodo to do my job, as it's completely appropriate to seek research over the internet; my only mistake was that I approached a blog to provide me with high quality images and product names, I did not ask them to do my job.

    It's a shame that nobody stopped and questioned such an online parade being held online; a 20 year old Arab asking a blog to send him product names and images, blog needs a laugh at the office and also a way to claim even more fame, hence going public on such an issue. Gizmodo could've simply rejected my request but they didn't; doesn't that make you question? Do you deny that the comments on Gizmodo resemble extreme hate and bigotry? Clearly a bunch of racist teenagers were online and wanted to take a load off, I'm just sad that even Jordanians fell for it.

    But I guess this is how life goes; people are just waiting for you to slip up in order to get their kicks off. But again, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

  11. hold on a second there, are you saying that its gizmodo's fault now?
    you sir are an idiot.

  12. I guess this is the dark side of blogging for those who slip.

    This is a very interesting phenomenon worthy of deeper study. However, I hope this incident doesn't find its way into any research papers.


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