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Make Secure Payments: Pay online without the risk of theft, fraud or your personal information being revealed.

Yes; they did secure their system so they can be the only theft :D

Read more about CashU

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  1. Tab3an you can! If you were in the US, you can go to small claims court and they would kick their behinds (IF you can prove it)
    Then you can also file a case with BBB. You can rally many people to your cause, and the more people complain the more the company suffers
    A year ago, I won a class action lawsuit against Microsoft, and got a sizable settlement. So, it can be done

  2. tayeb ya khook khothni 3al garyet U.S hathi

  3. Hehehe ...sure! for BBB you can sign up online

  4. I just stopped using it altogether :)

  5. sho el BBB hathi ?
    ana bedi wa7deh shagra; we warga khathra we seyara chevrolet oo oo kaman bedi a6la3 3ala 'Do you think you can dance?' o bedi mogabaleh ma3 dr phill

    yeslamo 7aj
    jad madi
    men roboo3 3maaan

  6. Khalidah,
    Fal tasgoo6 CashU; na3am na3am lal wire transfer

    Well, I hope Google will open their Gbay to middle eastern; I'm pretty sure it will be a good alternative for us.

  7. Jad ... Google is working on something like PayPal but it is only in USA now .. soon it will be for the whole world

    If you need to do many transactions, try StormPay because PayPal (best service) does not operate in the Middle East while StormPay is global
    and btw; you can use StormPay to send and receive transactions ...

  8. 7ajeh Khalida,
    I know about Gbay but I'm not sure how good it's going to be for us.

    now as for Stormpay, moneybookers and others they are just fine but most of my online purchased are from Amazon, Yahoo! and dedicated server provider so they aren't a choice because a very few people accepts payment through them.


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