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World cup tickets

Germany 2006 - World Cup ticket

South Korea/Japan 2002 - World Cup ticket

France 1998 - World Cup ticket

U.S.A 1994 - World Cup ticket

Italy 1990 - World Cup ticket

Mexico 1986 - World Cup ticket

Spain 1982 - World Cup ticket

Argentina 1978 - World Cup ticket

Germany 1974 - World Cup ticket

Mexico 1970 - World Cup ticket

England 1966 - World Cup ticket

Chile 1962 - World Cup ticket

Sweden 1958 - World Cup ticket

Switzerland 1954 - World Cup ticket

Brazil 1950 - World Cup ticket

France 1938 - World Cup ticket

Italy 1934 - World Cup ticket

Uruguay 1930 - World Cup ticket

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  1. nice collection Jad..I always wondered how they look like but never searched for do u think the oldest one is worth now on ebay?

  2. I don't know, Let's digg for it

  3. Ohh
    I found UNUSED-WORLD-CUP-FOOTBALL-TICKET-1966 highest bid so far $36.41 ONLY!

    and this one only for 50$ World-Cup-Tickets-Semifinal-In-Munich-Match-62

  4. bass? is cheaper than the new ones..!!

  5. editing"
    nseet much..

    how much *

  6. hahais, o el 7elo bel modoo3 eno you can buy them but you can't watch!

  7. good idea, we cant go 2 germany 2 watch, we dont have art 2 watch, atleast here we can see the tickets!! ;)

  8. Lammoush,
    That's exactly why I'm here :D I can't offer you free ticket to Germany but I can load some amusing photos and pictures.


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