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One more time: Boycott Fastlink the spy!

boycott Fastlink the spy

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  1. I hated this network since day 1 of mobilecome,
    they're bloodsuckers!


  2. One more time: Boycott Fastlink the spy!...

    [...]Technorati Tags: boycott, fastlink, spy, scandal

  3. I had Fastlink line for the first two years in university but once we stuck in the way from Irbid to Amman because it was snowing heavily, all of my friends enjoyed sending SMS and calling friends to kill two hours of waiting police to remove the snow while I enjoyed their "Network Unreachable" slogan.
    I switched to mobilecom once I arrived Amman and so far they are doing good job without any glitch.

  4. I love umniah, fastlink sucks ass.. jad i support u

  5. It's ofcourse unethical and unaccaptable to spy over competitors. However, as far as I'm concerened, this incident happend 4 years ago or so, and that was under the former management of Mr. Micheal Dager, who, as we can read in today's newspapers have sold Umniah to Batelco. I think things have changed inside Fastlink after the management has changed. it changed twice since then and I am aware of many activities and projects that are being done for community service. My point here is not about competitors and whon I love, competition is always healthy, and it's normal to have people who love different competitors of any market. Again, I totally agree it's unacceptable and very bad to spy as have happened in Fastlink. I just wanted to say that me experience is that they are changing many things internally, to the best I hope. I am optemistic that the new management is much more ethical and will not commit any similar scandles.

  6. Man, apart from the connectivity and such. Let's talk about services.

    My dad had a contract with them for 8 consequents years, ever since this Nokia Sha7a6a launched, and he's been with them. Man, they never deducted a PENNY from his payments. I mean, we weren't asking for much, bass wa7ad sarlo 8 years ma3komm shway e3meloolo e3tebar.

    Dad went directly to MobileCom, and they offered amazing stuff...
    I also find MobileCom's tarrifs way more reasonable than Fastlink's.
    I don't know if I'm right or wrong,

    HAHA "Network Unreachable".
    Man, you should do this as a small
    icon to use on blogs! Seriously, Fastlink with this
    outrageous act should get boycotted!

  7. Moey,
    Do you still love them even after they became Batelco ?

    We don't really care if they changed everything inside while they still bad with their customers and how do we know if they will not do it again ?
    Do you think Michal dagher did it himself or his consultant whom still working with fastlink ?

    ya zalameh Mobilecom rocks, they deliver my bills to home every month for free despite the fact that they deduct it from my bank account directly
    I'm pretty sure if mobilecom pays more attention to their customers they will make better customer base.

    You know what? with their annual contracts they give you three months free and when you collect 500 point you can either get a free phone or get another month for free so it's four months free per year


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