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va mos ar gen ti na

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  1. Omario (Vamos Argentina!)June 16, 2006 at 9:15 PM

    I'm So Happy! 6-0! Messy! Crespo! Suren! Carlos absar Sho! WOw!

  2. Omario (Vamos Argentina!)June 16, 2006 at 9:16 PM

    Jano! Come on! Samba these days are too old to play! its, el Tango O bas!!! Specially people with Germany! have you seen how Football should be played today? :)

    Watch.............&................... Learn!

  3. Jano,
    shee '3aaaaaaaaaad!

    6ab3an 6ab3an they are the best.

  4. Samba my ass. Argentina will torture Brazil if they play with them.

  5. Ghaloosh,
    Italy rocks because they are sexy or becase they play ?

    hat a7eb 3ala rasak :-)

  6. because they play :P
    el sra7a both...

  7. Ghaloosh,
    el Argentiniyeh 7elween kaman, shofi Messi walahi ana esta7lito :p

  8. el sara7a i like owen aktar shee :)
    i like england because of him ;)

  9. Ghaloosh,
    la hal darajeh ana ma banfa3? lol

  10. walaw ya jad inta el '7air wel barakeh bas ya3ni mshan el jenseyeh :P

  11. Ghaloosh,
    Walek fi3lan eneek habool! ana ba3tiki el jenseyeh el 3egbawyeh!

  12. hay la7alha?? i thought 2enha bteji ma3 el jordanian nationality :P beji ma3ha samak??

  13. ghaloosh,
    aa beji samak leesh ma beji
    o ba3deen e7na man6iga ektisadeyeh 7ora :D wala bokra layseer bedkom Visa 3ashan tezorona


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