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Adigas and Indians?

Adyga and Indians

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  1. where the hell did you get that ... [email protected]?!
    bass its cool walah

    well my indian name : blind Falcon flying low .. hits TREES

  2. hey nice pic :) a7la abu sharkas hehe

  3. Dadan,

    Um Ghazi,
    another conspiracy theory believer?

    mgadameh :D

  4. ok ... the pic ! i saw it and till now i dont beleive ....

    6ayyeb mesh 7a6en date lal pic !?

    la2eno el sharkas weslo USA ba3ed e7telal israel lal jolan be syria ! i think ba3ed el 1967 ! o ma azon enno kano yelbaso hek lebes el sharkasi el kamel

    wallaho a3lam

  5. zaid,
    2wal shee hathol kolhom ethneen ya3ni hejra fardiyeh
    we thaniyean el sora gadeemeh ya3ni el nas ma kan yekh6or bebalhom to write the date

    bs anyway it might not be true photo but it might be.

  6. 7abeebe el sharkas men qabl il tareekh :D men qabl el melad wel mot.. laish ba7ki fos7a .. anyway, photoshop wela mesh photoshop el mohem adiga are everywhere lloooll aslatan hommeh ele 3emlo el film taba3 eno tel3o 3al qamar :p o sar 3ende sho3oor eno krostofer kolombos sharkase :D

  7. JAD ... wallah ana 7a6et e7temal el hejra el fardeyyeh bardo .... bas lazem ajeeb 7`abarha lal sora :)

  8. [...] Some frineds believe that the photo about Adygas and Indians is manipulated or ah manipulated so how about this one now? [...]

  9. Greetings to all brothers and sisters.

    That foto is REAL and was sent to Worldwide Circassian Brotherhood by one adyga from Texas.
    Very soon we will post a foto in our gallery of first Adyga immigrants into US who came through Ellis Island near New York late 1800-s.
    Their foto is a human size on the wall, 2 Circassians in fashas with weapons are part of Ellis island museum of immigration. You can go there and see for yourself if you are a non believer.
    During the Russo-Circassian war there was a percent of Adygas who left homeland and settled in USA, think that it is end of 19th century.


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