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Today I was walking in Wadi sagra street when I found this rock...
Rock in the street

sorry but where the *toot* municipality?

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  1. ya zalameh sho malak , hada bel 3amdan ma7toot , law7a faneyeh le tashjee3 al seya7a !

  2. aw sheklo hada bte3raf sho? ahel jerash bedhom ye7tallo 3amman! :| aw aw bedhom ye3malo zay tab3et ele 3al sabe3 lol ala layta al woqoofa bewade saqra ejbare o ya laita jarak ya wade el sakhra jare :D keef bs?

  3. i just love wadi saqra in spring, seriously when u walk through this street try to open the windows and just smell the flowers ;) fa tay3ni a rock ma ra7 t2aser :P

  4. Dar, LOL walahi balasht asadeg kalamak ana

    Jano, sheklo dadan jabha 3ala amman

    Ghaloosh, will do but please tell what windows shall I open while WALKING ?
    forgot to take your caffeine dose?

  5. Ya i know this rock,, I also saw it :D there are many constructions there in wadi saqra.. i think its there coz of that

  6. talking about my windows :P

  7. Wedad, I walk and (batfarkash) daily there, inshallah she youm batfarkash fiki I mean benshoufek :D

    Ghaloosh, anu windows? you are supposed to be walking there is no car windows, unless LOL you still open your car windows while WALKing


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