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Tedata up; Wanadoo down

Today I canceled my Wanadoo's ADSL subscription because they sucks but to be fair I had very stable connection but they live in the past as they have bandwidth limitation and they don't provide fixed IPs for home while Tedata have it all; they have pretty stable connection, nice customer support, fixed IPs for home subscribers and NO bandwidth limitations YES you can eat all of your bandwidth so I guess I will download 30GB a month with my 512, I guess 1GB a day is just enough especially I'm on diet.

The subscription process was very smooth only few minutes (unfortunately) charting with a chick of their sales and Oops; time out all done and your account is active at the same time Wanadoo's subscription process sucks you can find all kind of routines with Wanadoo let me tell you today's story with them to cancel my subscription. I told the teller that I want to pay using Visa so she asked me to go to another office and in that other office there was only one girl talking on phone so she shout for another girl (Hey, ya folaneeeh, fi Eklient) so

Jad: Hi
She: Hi, How can I help you ?
Jad: I want to cover my bill and cancel my subscription using visa; and I gave her my card.
She: Ohh we don't accept Arab bank
Jad: *Omg* Can you try ?
She: hmm ok
few seconds of silence
She: Ahh it worked
Jad: Cool, now you can tell your customers We accept Arab bank visa
She: hehe

Then I had to go to another office and wait for customer care personnel to request service cancellation and thankfully she was a good old friend.
Jad: Hi, I want to cancel my subscription and I just covered all bills.
She: Ah ok, what the user name?
Jad: jadmadi
She: Ohh Jad madi?!@; I'm folaneh el folaniyeh!
Jad: Ohh you look different!
She: You too
She: So why you want to cancel your subscription
Jad: I want to switch to Tedata
She: Ok, your identity card please
Jad: here it is.

Two minutes later
She: Ok all done
Jad: Thank you, pass greetings to family.
She: You too
Bye bye etc..

Whatever, I'm now a happy Tedata 512 ADSL customer with fixed IP and Unlimited DOWNLOAD! HOaaaaaaaaryyyyyy!

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  1. Mabrook dude,
    Actually, 30GB is not really far fetched, my server deals with around 18GB a Day of traffic. I would assume if you're getting a static IP then you're going to do .... what? .... Host something ;-)

    Yalla alf mabrook .. titrabba fi 3izzak

  2. Wallah you have made a wise move, i myself have had 2 very bad experiences with Wanadoo myself, one personaly and one with out connection at work, I am also a very happy very satisfired TEdata customer.



  4. Yeah, Wanadoo sucks, and I should know. I've got their crappy 1GB line, which is about 5GB shy of my former connection in the United States. Add a download limit and you've got a handful of disgruntled customers.

  5. Dar, Yes Unlimited!

    Bakkouz, indeed they were fast like genies.

    I'v been running couple of dedicated server in the last six years but I needed the fixed IP to control my home machine while at office.

    1 mega your mean ? anyway they definitly sucks

  6. ya zalameh Wanadoo really sucks ... can you imagine that the Girl who answer their customer service line is very rude.. I called the other day to ask if I can pay my bells online and she was very very rude ... and she answered in away as if interrupted something she was doing she said no you cant !!!!!!!! I told ok how can I pay then? She said you have to come in person to pay and hanged up the phone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn I wish she was in front of me *******

  7. welcome to DE-DADA Jordan's user group :S , I've 512 connection also with TE's, with 512 Kbps u can download more than 120 GiB monthly :) .
    regarding fixed IP's check this on my blog
    and this

    any way, am with TE about year ago am very happy its stable and its realy unlimited downloaaaaaaaaaaad :)

  8. Only a couple ... hehehe! poor thing!
    Luckily, I've had my shit going since 1995 ;-)

  9. We still live in the ice age I, lol, not II yet.

  10. Ya Jama3a shu gusset el static IP hath?

    Befeed, kwayees ya3ni?lol

    Wanadoo? I think till this very moment I don't have a signed contract with them! ANd I have no clue when my sub will end!

    Their employees are either some girl chatting on the phone with her BF/mom/friends! Or some guy who is doing everything in the office and won't have time to talk to you!

    Yeah and you can't ask questions!They'll give you this mean look.....

    How much does it cost to cancel your sub ya Jad?

    Gal booming IT industry gal

  11. Tedata up; Wanadoo down...

    [...]Today I canceled my Wanadoo’s ADSL subscription because they sucks but to be fair I had very stable connection but they live in the past as they have bandwidth limitation[...]...

  12. Eyad, haha yes ice age dude

    You will need fixed IP
    1-) If you need to control your home network from office or any other place.
    2-) If you usually connect to a restricted network so just add your IP to that restricted network and you are in.
    3-) In Tedata case; they have some IP classes from egypt so I needed to have fixed Jordanian IP so that I use my credit card without troubles.

    Dude, you are just describing how they are at Wanadoo and walahi it's very true, finally there is no cancellation fees I just had late payment of 15JD.

  13. Jad:

    Fixed IP has many disadvantages, specially if you were a common user of mIRC or any other remote services where your IP is visible to others, it makes you a vulnerable target 24/7 to packet attacks unless you have a configured software firewall running. Now I know you are already a member of TEDATA, but just so you know, other than using your fixed IP online, you could use's service for free, basicly all you need to do is have a program running in the background which updates the hostname that you choose with your dynamic IP, so then the hostname would always redirect to your dynamic IP, and you could use the hostname instead of your fixed IP to do the things you mentioned above.

    And by the way, I'm a member of TEDATA as well and I think while they might be much better than all of Jordanian ISPs due to their high bandwidth policy, they could use better technical support staff as of my last experience with them.

  14. folaneh el folaneh el tanieh :))June 1, 2006 at 12:06 PM

    nice to see u again :)))

  15. and you could use the hostname instead of (your IP)******** to do the things you mentioned above.

  16. Yazeed;
    Technical department never meant to be friendly to the end customer and they will never be; they aren't taught to be nice and friendly to customers, it's not their profession and having a nice tech department is exception to me.

    What pisses me off when you call the people who should be nice, helpful and patient just because they are getting paid for that and because it's their profession but in fact they don't have any of customer care characteristic

  17. You did the right thing dude. I've been connected with TE-DATA for more than a year now.. I remember some people used to give me a strange look when i tell them that my ISP is TE-DATA, and say something like :"leash mesh meshtarkeh ma3 7ada a7san like wanadoo or batelco?".. Huh!!
    Anyway, They are pretty good and their offers are good as well. My sister is with wanadoo and she is suffering with those people, i mean she got the 1mb connection yet she finds my 512 with TE-DATA faster and smoother.

    Enjoy your new connection man :)


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