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Public showers in Amman

I know we don't even have public toilets in Amman and the two or three that exists looks like dogs park but I really don't care about having public toilets in Amman as we are used to hold it and bombing it later when the crisis happens and in some cases we have to find proper place to do it in public but this applies only to high emergency cases which labeled as RED ALERT! believe me, holding it and bombing it later or finding a hidden place in public are just fine compared to smelly people.

Taxi drivers PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE CHARGE US MORE MAKE IT 1JD MORE but show and I'm not asking for much I know some people get water only once a week and it's a party and laundry day but this doesn't justify the bad smell when you are a taxi driver

Soldiers receive special kind of therapy after being exposed to bombs in war and I guess WE CIVILIANS should receive similar therapies after each go with a taxi

Few days ago I was in taxi for five minutes from my home in Wadi sagra to relative home in Swifieh which didn't last 5 minutes because for the first time I asked the driver to speed it up because I had emergency case but this isn't the truth there was no real emergency case and I wasn't in hurry.

The emergency case was that I was exposed to the worst smell that mankind ever smelled which was dynamically generated by the taxi driver and what make it worse that he was very happy! it was like the happiest day in his life, he was feeling spring and I guess yes it was the spring in his body as I'm pretty sure he's taking care of some creatures that live on his body and the other analysis was "some plants growing up on his body"

Keeping your body clean and your smell good isn't just part of religions but part of being human and part of treating others as humans, I swear I was going to blackout .

Now, Government, Mr Al-Bakheet, For god sake, I'm begging you to make some public showers in Amman especially for taxi drivers and I will be very happy to pay taxes for such service.

This doesn't affect Jordanians only as we know the water shortage we are in and we can give them excuses but how about tourists in Jordan ? I know most of tourists smell bad but that because they walk 500KM a day (they are crazy I know) on the other hand there is an acceptable level of smelling bad and there is a reason to smell bad which setting in the taxi all the day isn't one of them and the one that the taxi driver smelled wasn't acceptable not even for elephants.

I know I blabbered a lot about it but I really feel sick since that day, sorry

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