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Jordanian engineer designs the "Hashemite Car"

Amman, May 22, (Petra) A Jordanian engineer has designed a car with high safety and luxurious standards. The "Hashemite Car" as it was named by the designer will be highly equipped and highly prepared for maximum comfort.
Fadi Al-Ghusein, a Jordanian engineer working for NASA and living in Ohio, U.S. chose to announce his invention on the occasion of Jordan's 60th anniversary of the Independence Day. The project will be launched by FORD motor company and sponsored by the Mustangs Club of America, Ghusein told Petra.
Ghusein was graduated from Jordan Al-Isra'a private university faculty of engineering in 2002. He is the first Arab scientist to hold membership of the International Conference of Math Scientists, which is the highest international body that cares about and sponsor achievements of math scientists.

Hashemite Car Hashemite Car
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  1. Check out JameedKast's website for the story from another perspective. A follow up will be posted soon

  2. I think this is a joke. This can't be serious.

  3. First!!? La2 oo first Arab kaman.... Mishan allah.... Shame on Petra for this crap they promote!!

  4. Jameed,
    I'm not cars expert so I don't know about your other point of view.

    On my head walah

    Why not? I mean why once we hear the good news we strike it back as if it's coming from satan?

    Why shame on them? I mean it sounds like all of you can understand what's going on behind the scene but I can't.

    please someone elaborate.

  5. a google search for any of the following (fadi ghussain, gosain , ghousain....any other spelling in arabic or english, or a a search for fadi/nasa, fadi/hashemite car, fadi/differential equations , the International Conference of Math Scientists,fadi/israa university, fadi/ford, ford/hashemite car OR ANY OTHER COMBINATION OF THE SEARCHES results in nothing.

    PETRA IS the standard for news cerdibility and accuracy.

    yabdoo inno il mawdoo3 fi3lann la yata3adda il 3alamm wa il tajj wa ana mish mdaayigni ghair il 300 saneh 7al mo3adalatt tafadolieh.

  6. That is a $#!TTY Mustang. Come on, I was hoping from something original. And there is absolutely nothing you could do to make a Ford Mustang safe or luxurious. I swear that car is a coffin.

    I would have hoped that he would of at least started with a Maybach! Now that would justify putting the Hashemite on it :-)

  7. Now that I have gotten myself to stop laughing hysterically, I want to ask you guys, If Nissan, Ford, BMW, MErcedes .....(any car maker in the world) needs a whole team of engineers and support personnel to "desing a car" what makes Petra think that one guy, granted he must be smart, can do this on his own? For Jordan's sake, stop embarrasing the country.

  8. Its a Mustand with a Crown and a flag stuck on it. If thats an invention, I will go invent the Hashemite PC and XBOX. Two flags and two crowns, stick. Done!

  9. It's most likely one of his relatives who work in Petra decided to promote this crap
    Trust me, I know MANY Jordanian geniuses. This stuff is nothing compared to thier achievements, and yet this made the news
    For example, when I was back at school, a friend of mine invented a method for multiplacation at the processor level. The white paper was published by Cambridge, MIT and many other schools as one of the most amazing Discoveries. And remember he was just a student at the time. And yet, no one cared! At least now he's happy, he works for Bill Gates!
    Another person I know was THE GUY who ran Windows on AMD 64 in native 64-Bit mode. Mind you, it took him 2 hours to do so. And guess what, People like Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and Brian valentine frequent his office. And does anyone know who he is?
    Another Amazing Jordanian I know is the guy who discovered the reason why challenger blew up, he used to work for NASA, and left them to do his own ventures in aerospace technology. Do you know his name!?
    And on the Arab Achievment front, there are MANY people in the math, cryptography and almost all other fields, like "ElGamal" who invented an asymmetric key encyption algorithem based on deffie-hellmen key exchange and mind you, this happend in the 1980 (we're JUST getting to use this in PGP and GNU recently) Do you think this guy is not worth being in some math convention!??
    Anyway, lets stop bulshitting ourselves about first in everything... there's only one thing we're really the first in .... lies!!

  10. gweider

    ya khook shway shway 3aelina....ibtktob bil englizi iktheer...oo khasheit bil cryptography oo shaghlat ma biji min waraha ila waja3 alras, bas ana ma3ak handred bercent.

  11. unbelievable! ..

    Look out for "Jordanian Student lands on the moon" very soon.

    Photoshop is ready, all I need now is some moon pictures. I think I'll be dancing the Dabkah with a space monkey.

  12. oh my god. now theis is the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen. get lost freaks (i mean our amazing journalist who took this photos) now that it's really bullshit


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