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Terrorists or criminals? Part one - The purse gang

Do you prefer to live in a society full of criminals or terrorists ? I think our government are doing pretty good job in cleaning up terrorists but on the contrary they aren't doing any good in cleaning up the criminals or is it they aren't able to catch up with criminals especially with the flood of new comers?
and here I'm talking about two level of criminals, Well known criminals among most of Jordanians even if it was just a rum or but never got clean up and the street rate criminals, the people you don't know who suddenly jump over to steal your money lets talk about the second first.

In the last month I have heard a lot of stories about the raising number of street crimes in Jordan and to be honest I didn't believe it first until I became on of the players in the story when couple of thief stole my step sister purse while she's taking her kids back from a birthday party and that incident happened in one of the most live wire street in Amman.

Yet another story by next street neighbour who owns a supermarket were three Iraqi guys inside their VAN asked one of the guys who used to drink some Cola in that supermarket to help them to go to abdoun and while the supermarket is about five minutes to aboding the helpful guy offered to help them especially after they insist that they don't understand the direction and they are new to Jordan.
Few hours later the poor helpful guy came back and told his friends that these guys drugged him up and stole his money.

Please note that these incidents happens in western Amman in two live wire places and second place is about five minutes driving from Aboding and five minutes walking to Jordan prime ministry building.

Not to mention some other stories I've heard from friends or relative but I don't have much details on them so anyone can tell me what's wrong? what's going on? any explanation please? for god sake where is the safe secure Amman?

To be continued...

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  1. I don't know, maybe with all the talk and hype about terrorist and security they decided to focus all their efforts on that front and somehow this created a hole in the system, maybe it is not a priority, or maybe they just don't have the means, even though i doubt that, also the flood of incoming immigrants from iraq didn't help the situation at all, my guess is that the security forces are pretty jammed up and need more resources, but i personaly don't like what i'm hearing at all, indeed the times when one would feel safe are gone, and we can only wish them to be back..

  2. wehre is aboding???????

  3. you've been subar-tagged with all planeters

  4. yes it's true a person must be really careful, cause they might viciously grab you bag from your hand while they are driving their car so good thing that if you end up only with a stolen bag only.not a broken hip

  5. WHERE IS ABODING????????

  6. Manal, unfortunately it's very true

    t.bob check this map of abdoun circle

  7. this is not your local problem but worldwide problem

    I don't think that they are any place around the world that people don't steal or making crimes as you wrote here

    in the last few weeks i found another problem of crime on the internet

    the bad side of the internet - how people using the internet for bad use
    stealing money from other people and all kind of crime
    att. important link for you to know and please send it to all your friends

    all the time people say that the internet is not safe for kids but I found that is it not safe also for adult people

    only after I start looking for information about it I found that there are many websites and even registered organizations around the world for safe internet

  8. ever since when was abdoun circle renamed to aboding????

  9. well, maybe im alil bit late but ive just read it and im familiar with these things cuz i heard stories and things happened with my cousins and relatives.. like 2 girls stole my uncel's wallet from his back pocket in pants and took all his money it was about 500JD maybe and the money in his bank account cuz they used his ATM and the pass was wriiten on a paper.. a guy tried to steal my cousin's purse. and dont forget those girls that get in your car asking you to do things and if you dont u have to give them money but if you refused again they shout and tell police about how rude you are and how u were goin to abuse them. anyway, we should be careful!

  10. Ofer, the thing is that we aren't used to such crimes in Jordan that's why I'm talking about it.

    t.bob, sorry it was spelling mistake dude.

    Jano, sounds you have some stories happened with your cuisines, What stopping you from blogging about it?


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