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shoulder dislocation and friends reaction

Today morning 5:30 AM I wake up finding my shoulder dislocated and actually the top bone of the shoulder were under the chest, few minutes my brother arrived and took me to al-khaldi hospital to relocate it and about twenty minutes later life save Dr waleed al-rashid arrived to relocate it and now I'm fine except some some pain around the neck and shoulders

I would like to thanks my friends for their reaction and care and following is some quote from them

Karim -> "Salamtak, Jad you are a robot!"
Dodokh -> "Haha majid lo3ba khashabiyea"
Bakkouz -> "Hahaiiiiiiiiiiis, rakeb wa7deh 7adeed"
Ahmad 360east "Ya bayeeeh, betwaje3 sa7?"
Abu ali -> "ya 7aram el shoom"
Reef -> "Katalook el sal6iyeh? "
Wael -> "alf salameh abu el joj"

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  1. waal.. what do you do when you're sleeping?!

  2. salamtak wallah ya CD

  3. Hamdellah 3assalameh.

    I remember a few times when I woke up almost feeling like my shoulder was about to pop out from its place and get lodged in my chest, but I never imagined it could actually happen.

    What did you do when you found out? Did you wake up from the pain? Did you wake up the moment it happened? Were you screaming? :D

  4. hope you feeling better now

    as long as the brain and the other thing is ok, things are still ok ;-)

  5. lah lah ya msakham; reit il waja3 biyya wala beek.

  6. wad3ak sa3ab sa3eb kteer lazem nib3atak 3ala mayo clinic, yalla 7ajji baseeta baseeta 3al agal lissa fee 3indak kitef tanyeh sha'3aleh .. fa ni3meh LOL :P
    la baseeta man inshalla bindawerlak 3ala gi63a jdeeded sikrab o binzabe6 wad3ak o bitgoom bil salameh :)

  7. Thank you guys
    What I were doing while sleeping? sleeping and only sleeping walahi

  8. Wallah salamat ya m3allem

  9. Midnight aerobics? lol

    Hamdilla 3al salameh:)

  10. salamt jad,
    you should do somthing about that .. hope pain is not bad

  11. just sleeping???!!!!!!! waaaaal :P tab how did u manage to write this post :P

  12. Ghalia, as far as I can use the computer without the mouse i'm fine and i'm good at it.

  13. wallah salamat :)

    agolak sho tsawi .... betjeeb drell ... bto7`zog awwal bone .... then tani bone .... o betwaselhom be 7`e6 maseees ta3 el 6ayarat ....

    or bet7`azweg zay ma goltellak .... o shoflak bara3`i blateen ma3 rondelat ... ma3 shwayyet sha7meh .... o salamtak :D :D

  14. ?? ??? ?? ???? ????? ?????
    ?????? ??? ???????
    ????? ????? ???? ???? ??????

  15. Ya seedee alf salameh, Inshallah jaretna wala enta :)

  16. Jad,

    This might be unrelated to the post, but I found that you've successfully made shepsara pastra. I've been looking for recipes for a while and all of them seem different to what my grandmother used to make, unfortunately she passed away a few years ago and none of my circassian or should I say aydgee relatives know how to make it, if you could e-mail me with a link or a reciple i would greatly appreciate it


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