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No more Internet

Finally I was able to disconnect home ADSL account and now I can feel the difference especially after the first weekend without Internet.
Everything goes smooth and you get involved in all family things during the weekend, not to mention you can proceed faster in your readings list Waaaaaaaaaahohoooooo life is cleaner now.

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  1. Really?you'll want it back soon,you'll see!

  2. let see how many weekends ull take to rush on the next sunday morning to wanadoo begging for the subscribtion back,,, h3h3h3h

    enjoy your weekends in the mean while and read as muc as u can,,,

  3. No, because I have reasons to disconnect it, first I'm at office from 8:00 AM to 6:00PM so I go back home exhausted therefor no need to pay for ADSL as I'm not using it extensively anymore also I have at least 20 heavy weighted books waiting to be read so it's the only way to do it.

    I might reactivate ADSL later but it wont be before four or five months

  4. I've gone years without owning a TV, but internet? I'm hooked! "Family time" looks different around here. When I went to see my parents and brother for Christmas, it was all four of us sitting around with our laptops! Good luck with fasting from the internet!

  5. Hehe, I'm not fasting actually I'm just trying to reorganize my time

  6. why did you do that? honestly, i think you are crazy!

  7. sometimes internet really takes so much time.. i've been through such a phase of addiction a while ago but fortunetly i managed to cut down the hours. as u said we spend hours at works infront of our computers ,so let's spend the rest of the day doing something different.

  8. good move man, am thinking to unplug the tv ... but i cant do it not yet ..

  9. Ghaloosh, I can manage to cut down Internet hours and that what I did actually but by cutting the line off because I found out I shouldn't be using Internet at home for more than 30 minutes a day especially after almost 10 hours of computing so at the end I compromised with this 30 minutes and decided not to use em, not to mention how much I'll be saving 50JD a month is it good or bad now?

    Zaid, yeslamo 7aj

  10. Mabrook Jad,
    Way to go,,, Good thinking, 3o1bal when u find out that the Jordan telecom line ma 2el da3ee aslan...
    & hey, what is a Home ADSL with a Fiber, well, in case you have a fiber at the company ;P


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