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if ($list->usr->checkSkills('php','mysql')

// Initialize the libraries, classes, and common objects we need
// access to.

// $craigslist is now defined, and gives us access to things
// such as $craigslist->user, which holds the user's data.

// Define the importance of each skill

// Define the limits of scoring

// Define the maximum rate we can afford, still
// depending on skills/experience/location

// Define the minimum years of experience necessary per skill
$skillAndExperienceRequirements = array(
// skill_name=>array(years_of_experience, importance_of_skill)
"CVS"=>array(0,SKILL_IMPORTANCE_LOW), // optional, but useful...
"XML"=>array(0,SKILL_IMPORTANCE_LOW), // optional, but useful...
"AJAX"=>array(0,SKILL_IMPORTANCE_LOW), // optional, but useful...
"ZendStudio"=>array(0,SKILL_IMPORTANCE_LOW), // optional, but useful...
"vBulletin"=>array(0,SKILL_IMPORTANCE_BONUS), // experience customizing the software, not just installing/using
"driver"=>array(0,SKILL_IMPORTANCE_BONUS), // experience with Windows .inf files, troubleshooting driver problems, etc.
"hardware support"=>array(0,SKILL_IMPORTANCE_BONUS), // experience with hardware troubleshooting

Check the user to see if they match our requirements!

// People applying MUST be individuals, they can't be part of a programming/development companies.
if (!$craigslist->user->isIndependent()) {
turnDownApplicant ($craigslist->user, "We are only looking for
individuals, not for programming/development companies.");

// Check the applicant's hourly rate.
if ($craigslist->user->hourlyRate > APPLICANT_SALARY_LIMIT) {
turnDownApplicant ($craigslist->user, "Unfortunately, our budget
is somewhat tight and we're unable to meet your salary demands.");

// Calculate the applicant's score...
$applicantReviewData = calculateSkillAndExperienceScore($craigslist->user,
$applicantScore = $applicantReview['score'];
$applicantSummary = $applicantReview['message'];

// Check the applicant's location...
if (!$craigslist->user->location->isNear("US","90291","CA","Venice",50 /* miles */)) {
// If you're not near us you've either got to be:
// a) cheap (& good)
// b) incredibly good
if (!($applicantScore >= APPLICANT_HIGH_SCORE || // Highly skilled applicant
$craigslist->user->hourlyRate < = 10)) { // $10/hr
turnDownApplicant ($craigslist->user, "You are located pretty far
away from us and your skills/experience and/or hourly
rate are not such that we can overlook the distance.");

// Did the applicant score high enough?
if ($applicantScore < APPLICANT_OK_SCORE) {
turnDownApplicant ($craigslist->user, "Your skills/experience
aren't quite what we need.");

// Notify us, this applicant sounds good!
$craigslist->notify(EMPLOYER_EMAIL, $craigslist->user, $applicantScore, $applicantSummary);

// Tell the applicant that we think they might be a match!
print < << EOT
Thanks for reading our job posting! You
appear to have the right skills, experience, and
very likely attitude (if you've made it this

We are looking for one or two PHP coders to
help with a number of exciting projects
related to various sites we're building and
working on. This includes the development,
debugging, of a leading PC support and driver/
firmware archive site.

We're looking for very special coders
motivated by curiosity more than cash, and who
view coding as an art not merely a science.
We're looking for that rare < 1% of you with whom
there would be a special synergistic something
where we are all enriched, you as much as we.

You would be able to work offsite (from home)
much of the time, except where projects
demanded more interactivity. You would also
need to attend weekly meetings, etc.

Please relate any hardware/computer experience
you may have since that will increase your
effectiveness in relating to our users and
developing better web applications.

If you think you might be a good match for us,
and us for you, e-mail us and tell us more about
yourself, and include salary requirements.

P.S. - If you want us to notice you, tell us something
about yourself that makes you special, that defines you.

* Analyze the user against the skill/experience
* requirements and calculate a score and a list
* of which criteria they meet.

function calculateSkillAndExperienceScore ($user, $skillsAndExperienceRequirements) {
$score = 0;
$message = "";

foreach ($skillsAndExperienceRequirements as $skillAndExperienceRequirementName=>$skillAndExperienceRequirementData) {
list($yearsOfExperience,$importanceOfSkill) = $skillAndExperienceRequirementData;
$highlight = "";

$userExperience = $user->getExperience($skillAndExperienceRequirementName);

if ($userExperience >= $yearsOfExperience) {
$score += $importanceOfSkill;
$minimumMetMessage = "X";
} else {
$minimumMetMessage = " ";

if ($importanceOfSkill == SKILL_IMPORTANCE_BONUS) {
$highlight = "***";
} elseif ($importanceOfSkill == SKILL_IMPORTANCE_HIGH) {
$highlight = "*";

$message .= < << EOT
[{$minimumMetMessage}] {$skillAndExperienceRequirementName}: {$userExperience} {$highlight}


return array('message'=>$message,'score'=>$score);

* Tell the applicant that unfortunately they aren't
* what we are looking for.

function turnDownApplicant ($user, $customMessage) {
print < << EOT
Dear {$user->name},


I'm sorry, but we don't feel that you'd be the right person
for us at this time. We're a small company and our budget
is limited, and requires us to be more selective than we
might otherwise be. We wish you all the best in your job
search, we know it's often a difficult and emotional time;
we've all been there.



} // end the title brace

  • Job location is Venice, CA

  • Compensation: no more than $25/hr, and it all would depend on skills/experience/location

  • Telecommuting is ok.

  • This is a part-time job.

  • This is a contract job.

  • This is an internship job

  • no -- Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.

  • no -- Please, no phone calls about this job!

  • no -- Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

  • yes -- Reposting this message elsewhere is OK.

source brillant job application

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  1. Only the ultimate geek posts a job request in PHP. And what does that say about those who understand it?

  2. this is maybe the freakiest and coolest thing i ever read *lol*


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