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Do you want new car?

Yes, I hate spam and who don't ? before few weeks my gmail email account, so I had to move back to my server with three levels of spam scan now I feel better however the only thing I missed in gmail is the thread view, its awesome.

Today I thought it's good idea to check my gmail just to follow up with some mailing lists and check if there is some private emails but all I got instead of personal emails is SPAM yes SPAM.

Spam can be good sometimes, I follow Jormall spam emails (they call it opt-in newsletter, but I swear I've never subscribed) they have some useful e-flyer's which sometimes help me to stay up to date with events, offers in Amman.

Today's spam reminds of one of my needs
Yes, a car, Yes I need one but I still cannot give it higher priority now especially because I'm kind of Baytoti guy, I don't go out much and usually places I visit aren't that far from my place.

My office is about twenty minutes walking from my place, and all of my brothers and sisters live very close to us even closer than my office.

Thank you spammer for the offer but I do not need a car at this time, Maybe you should come back later.

This spam mail also reminds me of these young girls and guys who knock your door to promote Burger king or Chili House and they do their best to sell your a Junk-food card explaining the offer as it was your life dream and you always want it to have it, and later you end up either with saying poor them I'll get one just to help them or hit security guard button to get him in to get them out of the building.

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