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How to get penguinized

It's new term at least for me, Never heard of Penguinized, but it sounds cool, Firas asked me how to get penguinized, and I think the answer worth a post instead just reply to his comment, and as they said, it's pretty good question, However I'm prepared for it.

Firas see the problem on converting to [w:linux] in Average users doesn't have the time to learn [w:linux command line] as it gives the impression that there are too many to be learned

I'll try to convince and not to confuse you, Actually there is no much command line to use, command lines meant to be a rescue when you need it, not for your daily use, Linux is a [w:desktop] and command line isn't require for Desktop use, so as a starter you will just need to learn how to navigate through your system, within two weeks you will see how it's simpler than windows, and how it's friendly and usable more than windows.

A distribution like [w:ubuntu linux] doesn't need terminal, you can do everything with [w:gui], usually new comers will find it easier to use [w:KDE] desktop environment, and I have use it for ages but it's not that good if you take a deeper look inside.

You don't need to be a computer programmer, or a software engineer to install linux, and you don't have to keep thinking that linux will blow up your computer, most new comers prefer to install linux to try it with windows, but I would not recommend that, because whenever you'll need to know how to do X o Y you will reboot to windows, you have to give linux at least to weeks of your daily use.

What makes linux better than the others
Yes, linux is better than Windows and better than MAC, Linux is backed with huge community, once you post a question you will be hit ted with answer, keep watching and see how things is going on there, people there are very weird, yes weird, they are eager to help, they are addicted to help others, and this should be very weird, because no one will offer you a help with windows, because there is no help, you just have to format and reinstall it if you know what i mean.

I'll tell you about my personal experience with linux, first time I tried linux was in 1999 I got mandrake if i recall correctly it was 6.something, at that time I didn't know what to do, How to use it's application, it was something totally new to me so I remove it after few days and got back to windows.

I hate formatting, and reinstalling operating systems, and this piss me of, but it's obviously one of windows characters, even if you don't have load of applications, no Internet connection, you will have to format it every three months and lets say it's six months, not to mention fighting with viruses and worms, so I though I had to find a solution for this problem, because I can spend this trouble shooting time doing something more worthy than fixing an operating system such as windows.

Now I'm using linux and only linux, I don't have windows installed anywhere, except the company I'm working for, and I'll installing linux next week on my box there, and you know what may get you shocked? last week I was trying to take some screen shots of some CSS/XHTML based sites, and I couldn't find a tool that could do that under windows, so I had to go back home and do it with my lovely ubuntu using khtml2png package.

Start exploring Ubuntu linux community, they got damn active forum, damn active mailing list, and IRC channel #ubuntu on
Install it, use it, give it a time.

all you need to learn is how to navigate through your system and how to get the information
once you managed to know your distribution community and resources you will not need to ask anyone in real, only post a question

Join your local lug group, We have in jordan, Join and ask, keep hitting them with your questions, why and how and bleh

Do you remember how you've learned to use windows? How you have learned to use pirated software? How you have learned to find a crack for trial software? if you can offer the time to find some [w:pirated software] in downtown, if you can offer the time to find a crack of a trial software, and if you can offer the time to keep fighting with then you definitely have the time to learn linux.

That was my 0.02 shelens
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  1. [...] How to get penguinized It’s new term at least for me, Never heard of Penguinized, but it sounds cool, Firas asked me how to get penguinized, and I think the answer worth a post instead just reply to his comment, and as they said, it’s pretty good question, However I’m prepared for it. Firas…… [...]


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