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Jordan OSS 2005 Second day report | Jad Thoughts: "The second and last day of Jordan OSS 2005 wasn't bad thought, except they didn't start on time, nor finishing on time not to mention skipping the last Q & A session and blowing up Mr. Tom Adelstein computer power supply.

Mr Olivier Berard spoke about How to define an Open source Strategy , actually his speech focus on choosing and applying the right Open source license to your project, his presentation was great.

Australian accent ROCKS!
Mr James Dalziel session was about using OSS in education, LAMS is a revolutionary new tool for designing, managing and delivering online collaborative learning activities.

Ethanz Zuckerman, This guy love what he's doing, And I'm sure if there is a women called Open Knowledge he will marry her, If I recall correctly he start talking about the Success story of Wikipedia, and how the guy behind it convert it from a total failure into total success just by converting to Open Knowldge.

Mr Tom Adelstein has spoken about the World trends in open source, which I didn't understand anything of this topic not sure why, but blame me.

Mr Mohammed Sameir from Egypt gave us a spotlight on the current status of Arabization/localization of Linux and open source software, and you know what, I'm very happy that we've reached this level of localization with a very small team of volunteers.

Mr Tom Adelstein in his third session spoke about emerging technology in open source (1) Low cost computer assembly - an IT niche for Jordan (2) Ubuntu: State of the art linux Desktop.

Unfortunately he didn't talk about Ubuntu state of the art linux Desktop, I was waiting for this topic but he disappointed me, as we have already disappointed him.

It was very clear that Mr tom was so appointed of the small number of attendees, small number of participant
but what he don't know is that we have a very small number of people who's interesting in Open source which Intaj didn't invite them and most of peopl"

Open Source SeminarOpen Source SeminarOpen Source Seminar

Open Source SeminarOpen Source SeminarOpen Source Seminar

Open Source SeminarOpen Source SeminarOpen Source Seminar

Open Source SeminarOpen Source SeminarOpen Source Seminar

Open Source SeminarOpen Source Seminar
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