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Are they jordanian or what?

I'm not sure whats going on in [w:Jordan], The goverment has reformed yesterday because the prime minister was hitted with requests to have some ministers from south of jordan, And now after the reformation we have seen some resigned letters by parlement member complianing about some part of jordanian is not being represented, reffering to Jordanian from palestainian origin..

Whats the hell is going on? people from north/east/south/west/ of Jordan , arent they Jordanian? don't they have the nationality? cant they represent Jordanians?

Why people keep thinking that someone want to take their right? Who gave them this right from the first place? I cant believe that we have such ministers that think its their right to be in that posetion, and year I'm sure they didn't hear of gaining and deserving it.

I'm not with democracy with such atmospher, I believe we have to go back to [w:martial law] at least it will be more safe to our future.
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