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:Jordan Planet Blog Vote: Quality for the Planet

Voting for Jordan Planet is announced.

Why we have to vote on people or on blogs, why we don't vote on policies ?
I'll quote from Isam bayazidi blog
Currently changes are being cooked.. I will make it public for discussion once a decision is near.
and what happened is we have to vote on people and blogs, and nobody knows what happened to the public discussions

I'm not writing just to argue but I have some ideas
we can technically let the end user (reader) choose what to read and what not, a good example
and then we can vote on some policies to set what is a good content and what is a relevant content of Jordanplanet

and do we really have a community or is it a personal project for isam bayazidi ? just make it clear please, community or personal project?
if its a personal project then its ok, if not then whats the point of this process? one man decision, no public discussion, and finally we cannot vote against someone
NOTE : I respect isam and his blog, and I know him in person, I'm just willing to have a community planet instead of a personal project. and I know if we kicked isam out there will not be a planet but thats because we are not a community yet.

If we are a community or we aim to have a community meetings, discussion, and everything should be discussed with bloggers.
I think JP had three meetings, one was secret meeting, and two when natasha was in jordan, ya akhi what if we are busy when natasha in amman? ya3ni mafi majal netafeg 3ala zaman kolna ?
and again nothing personal bs bedi community mishan allah

voting should never be on bloggers and/or people, but for policies
Thank you
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  1. Well.. Jordan Planet is what it claims to be .. "A Blog Reader's Window to Jordan" .. after all it is about the blogs that appear on it. I don't think that the Internet needs another cyber community having forums, personal pages, discussion circles, and so on.. I do not want high trafic from people who are "doing things" in Jordan planet, as much for trafic from people reading things from it.
    Regarding the Voting and so.. I am glad that we are making a healthy discussion about it.. and let's see how will things go :)

  2. ya 7aj
    What we mean by community is opposite to "one man decision", not forums, personal pages etc..

  3. Voting for all members is the way of having it as a community decision instead of "one man decision" .. so that if for example bokra thawashet ma3ak I won't kick you from Jordan Planet just because I want to.. the voting made it less about me, and more about the group/community

  4. Isam,
    your replies is to way from the points in my post.

  5. i wish if the voting would be from the readers of Jordans planet not the bloggers!! we have the right to decide!! don't we?! after all we read the posts you (blogers) write!!

  6. anonymous, that's like saying all the world should vote in the US elections because the president of the US makes decisions that affect every corner of the earth.
    But I don't think it is a bad idea (for both the US/world and JP)


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