Friday, December 15, 2017

Worst buy in 2011 - Samsung Galaxy Tab

On April 23, 2011 I placed an order for a Samsung Galaxy Tab and I was so excited as it would be my first tablet and bit more excited because it's an Android on Samsung.

I had Google Nexus S on HTC and I do appreciate Android OS for several reasons and was up to fight the urge of picking an iPad instead.

Customer support is a key when you buy similar gadget. I did not face any problem with customer care when I had an iPhone, even though we don't have Apple Store in Jordan but a couple of authorised resellers and thankfully they do understand customer satisfaction as the key for returning customers and maintaining their business.

Samsung on the other side, at least in Jordan, does not understand customer care at all.

For example, I bought my Galaxy Tab for $350 (JOD 248) from when they sell it for $492 (JOD 350). I wil
Customer is indeed a source of money, we pay money to buy stuff and get service but the way Samsung is doing it is money for agony.

Samsung Tablet itself is rather good in design and they had some features which iPad did not have at that point of time, like the front camera.

The failure started when I learned that you cannot upgrade your software unless you pay your local Samsung $140 (JOD 100) to get the new software and then $35 (JOD 25) to Arabise it; and unlike Apple, such updates or language packs are not downloadable or pushed to users

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