Friday, December 15, 2017

Do we blog to criticize the government?

Osama was interviewed by Al-Jazeera and it was introduced as if he represent the majority of bloggers in the Arab world and specially Jordan.

He claims that we face many illegal difficulties and we receive many threats because authorities scared from us and that because we can unveil corruption, he also mentioned that bloggers are more powerful than journalists because we don't have any law that regulate our activities or limit our freedom but he forgot that we don't a law that can protect us unlike journalists.

4:15 The last question was whether we have demands especially when it comes to having entities that can provide some legal protection for our activities and his answer was; We don't have any, if we are going to demand then we are going to ask the government while our goal as bloggers is to criticize the authority and the government.

Personally, I cannot agree on that goal even though I do criticize whenever I have enough information from trusted sources about an issue that bother me; blogging has emerged from covering war news into a platform that enabled us to share and spread experience regardless of the kind. Maybe Al-Jazeera should start using the term online-activists instead of referring to anyone who stand against his government as a blogger, that only one kid.

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