Saturday, September 3, 2011

Back to blogging but

So I'm back to blogging but I still have some technical issues to settle. I'm hosting this blog on Amazon EC2 with a fine Elastic HTTP load balancer, the performance is much better than what I wanted when I decided to run out of

I still have a simple issue with Amazon's EC2. EC2-IP address and Public DNS changes whenever your instance is rebooted, that would only introduce a downtime; and that's why they introduced Elastic IP-Addresses. I got myself an Elastic IP but my instance would is taking about 30 minutes to start responding after a reboot, I'm getting that's my DNS ttl, though I have a fixed ip.
If I manage to solve its puzzle I would settle my blog with Amazon, and if I fail, I'm considering to go back to, I started blogging there in 2002 and still have my old lovely account but then I will have to find a way to import WordPress export to

Or should I go to slow but reliable and always on I'm confused for many reasons, mostly technical.

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